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So, let’s start with the good stuff.

Last night I watched National Treasure: Book of Secrets, and found it fascinating until the end. At the end, I was left wondering how they managed to get into the City of Gold without facing the same setbacks as the first time around. Confusing, but the other than that it was exciting, and parts even rather action packed.

Tonight I watched Untraceable. This was such an awesome psychological thriller, parts left me damn near panic stricken. It was great, and the ending was fabulous.

Both of these were watched on my laptop through Netflix. Pretty decent quality considering it streams live. DVDs play much better on a computer, but I’m satisfied enough to keep watching via the internet.

Now… for a bit of work stuff…

I talked to Carrie on Monday and she confided in me that Cilla had been complaining for months about the people she closed with not pulling their own weight, and that maybe the comment she made wasn’t intended to come across the way it did to me. Carrie things Cilla was probably shocked at the thought someone was complaining about her, resulting in her less than respectful response. I suppose I can see that side of things. When I worked with Cilla briefly yesterday, she acted as though nothing had happened Saturday, so I acted the same. She seemed impressed with the few things I was able to get accomplished during my chaotic shift. Yeah she’s a Paris Hilton type, but I’d say she has potential. Today was another chaotic shift for me, probably even more so than yesterday. I was already stressed out about home stuff (coming shortly) and by the end of my shift was physically and mentally exhausted.

(Quit sighing Dave, I’ll be done typing shortly. 😀 )

Finally… for the not so good stuff…

Before I left for work, the cable blinked out, including tv, internet, and phone. We don’t use the landline here, but the TV and Internet have seemed to be our only salvation in this toxic place the last 6 months. Even if all we do is lay in bed next to each other on our laptops, or cuddling while watching some crazy TV show, it keeps us together and keeps us sane. So, I was furious when it all blinked out.

MIL wasn’t at home when it happened, and I knew she’d be gone possibly all day, so I proceeded to be snoopy. I found out that her cable is delinquent, her mortgage is in default and soon to be going into foreclosure, and her electric bill hasn’t been paid since at least October with an outstanding balance nearing $1500 as of last month. Her alcoholism is so bad, she’s just plain not paying bills.

Several days ago, I noticed Diet Cola cans laying everywhere, but no beer cans. I must admit that, however briefly, I suspected she may have decided to quit drinking. But, I was snoopy back then, too. I found a cheap bottle of Vodka that either Dave or Tom had bought hidden in her closet. And, when I was finally able to smell the cup she was using, it smelled of the same cheap vodka. She must have been unable to buy beer and switched, temporarily, to liquor. The next day it must have been gone, and she must have found a way to buy beer. Cheaper beer than she was already accustomed to. She normally drinks Miller Lite, but now seems to be buying whatever she can scrounge up enough money for.

Unfortunately, I think Tom, Dave, and I all agree that we’re going to have to let her hit rock bottom. We’re going to have to let her lose her house, her belongings, and maybe even all of us, even temporarily. And when she wants to know why none of us are helping her, we’ll have to be honest. And maybe she’ll even get a DUI and lose her license/car unless she gets that $20,000 breathalyzer thing installed. True rock bottom. Maybe then, and only then, she’ll realize she has a serious problem, and take even a baby step towards fixing it. And it’s going to hurt us all to have to watch her go through all that, but we’re going to have to, to help her, to help her help herself. It has to happen.

And with all this, it’s time for me to stop typing, because Dave is tossing and turning so my fast typing must be keeping him awake.

So, goodnight to all…

Oh, and only about a week left before we move!

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