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Thankfully, the rest of yesterday went without further incident. I was up a little later than the two previous nights, but didn’t really do anything with my time last night.

This morning, before I even had a chance to have coffee, Dave asked where Casey got the Star Wars coloring set. Instead of embracing the new day, I did what I had intended to do all along. Threw his words back in his face, saying that I’d tell him about it once I’d had my coffee and gotten settled. Of course, he commented on the fact that I didn’t wipe the slate clean today. Idc.

Today was mustache day at Casey’s school, that was fun! Spent the time while he was at school on SL.

Got a few chores done today, but nothing major because of my knee. Have laundry in the wash, including my bathroom mats, and mopped my bathroom.

Dinner’s just gotten out of the oven and is cooling for a few, so thought I’d post an update, since Dave’s not home yet either. I just hope that, when he gets home today, it doesn’t turn out like yesterday.

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