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I had started Twittering because I want to ensure I remember all my days, even if there’s nothing *too* significant going on. Well, I didn’t update my Twitter at all yesterday, and now I’m kicking myself because, regardless of significance, I want to remember all my days!

So, what I can say about yesterday… I was talking on the phone to for a while, and went to Books-a-Million while on the phone with him. I pre-ordered “Breaking Dawn” by Stephanie Meyer. I can’t wait to get it! I did have one cigarette yesterday, but compared to 15-20 in a day, it’s a HUGE accomplishment. I went to Walmart to get a briefcase type thing for my laptop. That didn’t work out how I’d hoped. It was just a little too small. So I ended up returning it. I got some PetZyme stuff, I think that’s what it’s called… to get the Josie smells out of the carpet. I also got a couple flea collars, and a toy for Annie. I think the PetZyme stuff is working pretty good… and, Josie hasn’t been using the carpet… but, it doesn’t appear she’s using the litterbox either. Dave and I had an unnecessary argument last night, and I spent almost 3 hours talking to about that, after he’d gone to bed. I talked to her until I was almost asleep, and then went to bed.

Note to self: On Thursday I bought “L8r G8r” at BAM.

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