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I just can’t believe this, it’s so surreal. Somebody pinch me, I feel like I must be dreaming!

I heard from Judy with the Wisconsin DCF the other day, and she has spoken to both my birth parents! My birth mother was first contacted through letter and called Judy on Tuesday, and then Judy called my birth father and spoke to him as well before she called me. Wisconsin Law dictates that, regardless of age, consent must be on file from both parents (if both are involved in the adoption) in order for any information to be given out. Consent forms have been mailed to both my parents, so it could be as little as a few more days before I get their information! My mother told Judy she would like to speak to me, but the news came as a shock to my father so he said he needed a few days. Hopefully when he gets the consent form he’ll be ready! I’m so excited!

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