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I was not able to watch NCIS Wednesday night, because there weren’t new episodes to watch. I ended up watching a movie on Netflix called “Newness.” It reminds me a lot of what’s been going on with myself and my marriage to Dave. This couple meets on a dating app and they fall for each other. They enter a committed relationship, but they stray. They try an open relationship, but everything falls apart. The difference is, they both agree to call off the open relationship and work things out. It was a good movie, I’d recommend it.

I slept ok Wednesday night, woke up on time yesterday and didn’t feel too groggy. Casey got up on time as well for school.

Finally heard back from Linden Labs (the creators of Second Life) about a parcel in Urqhart (a SIM) that we’d abandoned. I guess they responded rather quickly, but I never got an email. So we were able to reclaim that land and list it for sale. It sold quickly! The person who bought it listed it for sale, they must be in real estate. We (Colin and I) don’t care, we just wanted to make money off the land so we can buy a small parcel somewhere nicer.

We spent some time in Lewistown, an RP community on there. They’ve made a few changes, and I had a few critiques. Hopefully they take it as constructive and implement some changes. There are flowers behind our beach hut there that are on “full bright” meaning that when it’s dark out they are still bright as day. It’s kind of jarring, whether it’s light or dark out. They recently changed the roads, they’re not on full bright but are pretty pasty and it’s kind of jarring as well. They got rid of my favorite little alcove to sit by myself, but I only sat there like once so I can’t complain too much about it lol. And they changed the diner, and it’s nicer. But, one of the booths was far from the wall.

Casey got home from school somewhere in there, and spent some time on his tablet. Once it ran out of time, I could tell he was tired and I wanted him to nap, so I ended up laying down with him for a bit until he fell asleep. Once he was asleep, I plugged in my headphones and watched Criminal Minds. They had a new episode on Wednesday. It was scary! I wasn’t afraid of clowns before, but after that episode…

I intended dinner for both Dave and I to be leftover pizza. He wasn’t home when I was hungry and it was dinnertime, so I went ahead and ate some. It was better cold lol. When Dave got home, he had a salad. Whatever.

After I ate, and about the time Dave got home, I got caught up on my LJ friends feed. I was over a week behind!

Sorry guys!

Dave mentioned I should take Casey to see a movie today. The only kid-friendly movie playing was Sherlock Gnomes. I’d seen Gnomeo & Juliet in theaters as well, so I was all for it! It occurred to me, when I went to buy the tickets online, that I’d need to choose a theater that has reclining seats, if possible. I remembered that the one here in Tomah didn’t have reclining seats, but the theater in La Crosse does, so I bought the tickets for there.

Got my shower in, though I didn’t really want to. My knee had been bugging me pretty bad all day, and by that point I wasn’t really up for standing. But I needed the shower lol.

Then last night, just before I was going to start getting Casey ready for bed, my friend Wycked from SL sent me an IM. She’s another DJ at the club I work at, and she was having some problems streaming. This reminded me, I’d installed the software, Mixxx, but hadn’t set it up. So, I had to rush and try and get it set up, which took some effort because of some Windows 10 glitches that I had to work around. I was finally able to make it work, I TP’d to the club and met with Wycked. I was able to stream once I logged into the DJ board. At the old club, we would just start streaming and it’d work. In the new club, we have to log into the DJ board in the club itself as well. I’d forgotten about it, so hadn’t asked Wycked if she had logged in. Turns out that was the problem. I did discover a problem on my end during this process. Mixxx mutes Firestorm sounds, and becomes blaringly loud, but doesn’t show up in the system Volume Mixer to adjust or mute it. I would have to work on this another time, though.

Laid in bed with Casey and Max and watched some Octonauts until it was time for Casey to go to sleep. He was rather excited about having my laptop in the bed and watching stuff on Netflix on it, so I knew I’d have to limit the number of episodes he could watch before I turned it off lol.

When I was getting the laptop set up for our bedtime watching of Octonauts, I accidentally, simultaneously, pressed the windows key and an arrow key. Every time I do this, it jacks with my windows. I don’t know how to fix them, so I end up having to manually move and resize them back to where I had them. I’m very picky about my windows. OCD about it, more like it. So, once I cut Casey off from further Octonauts watching, I fixed my windows, and was sure to open an program I don’t use often (Edge browser) and made it’s window match the others. That way, if it happens again, I can use Edge to guide me on moving and resizing my windows with less hassle.

That was about it for yesterday, I’ll try and shoot out a separate post later, before my set tonight, detailing today. 🙂

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