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So, Friday night’s set went ok. Wycked stayed for a bit and we chatted about things. Then she had to go, so it was just me for a while. Then another gal came in, said it was the first time she’d been to the club with anyone working. I explained what was going on to her, and helped her get connected to stay informed of future sets. Then she left after a while and it was just me again. I did have some technical glitches at the start of the set, but that smoothed out and it worked out just fine. Just wish I hadn’t been there all alone.

Dave had to work yesterday. He mentioned on Friday, when I saw him getting his lunch stuff ready for work yesterday, that he’s probably going to start having to work Sundays soon, too. I just think that’s ridiculous, to not have a day off at all during the week? Whatever, he signed up for it.

Just kinda sat around doing nothing for most of yesterday. I did get mine & Casey’s laundry done, finally. I had to fluff Dave’s laundry and put it on his bed to get mine done.

It was a rather boring day, actually. I got to spend a few minutes with Colin on Skype, as I was getting into a bath so I could shave. But then Dave got home, so we had to get off the call.

I made this Black Bean Taco Salad Bowl out of Dave’s vegan cookbook for dinner, with Casey’s help. It was absolutely phenomenal! I swear, I could get used to recipes like that! But, I maintain, I love meat too much to give it up altogether. And I refuse to plan my meals around Dave’s lifestyle. But, I will try and make alterations so that he’s not left without anything to eat. I don’t know that he’s going 100% vegan, anyway. I just know he’s interested in plant-based recipes at this point.

Got the kitchen table cleaned off. It gets cluttered with Casey’s toys and school or arts & crafts projects. It gets where it’s kinda suffocating, piled with too much crap. Cleaned up all the clutter, then cleaned the table with some cleaner, then put some of the stuff back in a more organized fashion.

After that, it was more of the same, just sitting around basically doing nothing, scrolling through Facebook. I hate days like that, when I can’t think of anything to do. So, I can’t explain why I didn’t post this last night, lol. I suppose my brain was just done by that time from all the boredom and thinking, “What could I DO?”

I did get a shower in. I’m rather concerned about the Tigi shampoo and conditioner I bought, it makes my hair fall out. I’m stubborn as a mule, though, I’ll probably keep using it until it’s gone. Idk, I really shouldn’t. It smells fantastic, but that’s no reason to justify it making my hair fall out like crazy.

After the boys went to bed, I got on Wiz for a bit. I was going to try Castle Darkmoor, the Graveyard, again, but then thought, it’d be better if I could craft my new deck again first. So, now it’s farming for these Mote reagents that only drop from select bosses. FUN! I did one by myself last night, that was in a dungeon. It wasn’t too complicated, but would have been easier with a team. I’ll probably try and team up for it some more, later today or tonight.

That’s about it. I literally did nothing yesterday but scroll through Facebook and bathe/shave/shower. And cook a fantastic meal. And clean the kitchen table. And play on Wiz for a bit before bed.

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