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Work frustrations…

Alright there are two Heather’s I work with… one is a pain in the ass that I don’t get along with but at least can work with. But, I’m talking about the other one in this entry:

Heather got to work late today because her car was iced shut and had a flat tire. I was scheduled for Dining Room, so I hoped I wouldn’t get sent home early. Shortly before our usual lunch rush, with the dining room packed and the parking lot full, I was told to go home. I asked who would be taking over Dining Room, and they said Heather. I started bitching and whining about having to go home, and Heather approached me to say she’d rather go home than do dining room. I went and told Carrie, the manager in charge, in hopes I’d get to stay and work. She called Heather over and was like “You want to be full time, right?” and basically made her stay because of her complaints, which isn’t fair to me because I started working there first and I haven’t gotten my full time hours yet like I’m supposed to! Not to mention, the idiot in charge probably checked on the labor reports, rather than monitoring them throughout the day, and noticed the labor rate at that time, and made the hasty decision to send me and Destiny home. We weren’t slow enough to justify sending anyone home! Idiot in charge!

Carrie is an idiot… the woman can’t count, and makes a lot of stupid mistakes, and yet she’s a freaking manager? C’mon people!

A side note from last night:

I felt like shit all day at work yesterday. I talked to my mom at lunch and she suggested it might just be stressed. I suspected she was right, and was shocked that stress could make me have a headache, dizziness, nausea, and back pain. But, I took what she said to heart, and made Dave take me out last night to unwind and just spend time together. We went to the best, and most expensive, Mexican restaurant in town, and I got a Jumbo (26 oz) Strawberry Margarita. I felt a lot better, more relaxed and happier, by the time we left. Afterwards, we went to the grocery store to get some alcohol, knowing we’d have to hide it so his alcoholic mother wouldn’t drink it. I got some Boone’s Farm Sangria because it’s cheap and Boone’s Farm is actually quite delicious to me, and we got some Amaretto that came with two shot glasses. Dave put the wine in the bathroom because it’s always cold in there. I guess the Amaretto is near the bed, I haven’t actually seen it yet. Well, today I noticed the bottle was in a slightly different angle and location than it was when I had left for work, as though she had gone in there, seen it, and picked it up to see if the seal was broken. She probably would have drank all of it if the seal had been broken. That’s all speculation based on gut instincts, but still. When I was on the porch around 7am this morning, she had already cracked a cold one. It’s just pathetic.

That’s all for now… dinner’s ready.

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