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So, I just happened to log in and notice… a PERMANENT ACCOUNT SALE! That’s something I’d been waiting on but never actually “caught” so I finally got one!

Dave and I are looking for a house to buy, and saw one yesterday at an open house that we want to take a second look at. This will be the first one we’ve been that interested in to have a second look. So, we’re pretty excited! It’s well within our price range and budget, and even though it’s rather small there are awesome perks to what’s already there, to include the HUGE two car garage that we can park our Corvette in.

Things with Kathie have taken a turn for… the strangest… she’s contesting the Will and trying to get a *minimum* of $10k. With what she’s taken from the house, and what she’s charged to Scott’s accounts after his death, that about covers the $10k. She doesn’t actually deserve anything, because we think that she killed him, but there’s no evidence to that effect. Part of her contesting the Will would cause Dave to lose Independent Administration of the Estate, and he’d have to get permission to do anything with it. So, he put the Corvette and Explorer in his name and he’s cleaning out the rest of the house to get it ready for sale. We’re going to do what it takes to ensure that she gets as little as possible.

I’m still working at Panera, technically full time, though I only got 19 hours last week due to various circumstances out of my control. I’m not sure how long I’m going to stay there, because there’s no guarantee of me getting my 40 hours a week, and I may be able to find an office job that would pay more. Fortunately, the job market in the QC isn’t as bad as other areas, so I am taking a look to see what’s out there. If we’re going to be buying a house, I need to make sure I’m bringing in enough money.

There’s this one girl I work with that’s got some major attitude problems, and I’m trying to resolve that with Management. They’re well aware of how she’s treating me and a few other employees, and have warned her to check herself or she could lose her job. They’re planning to do a little “house cleaning” of the staff after the holiday season, and that may be incentive enough to stay on, knowing that after that’s all said and done I should start to get my 40 hours. We shall see, I guess…

That’s really about all the news I have right now… Since I have a permanent account now, I fully intend to make the most use out of it and post more… and more than just my daily tweets. Thanks to all who have stuck this out with me while I’ve been living a hectic life and finding little time to myself… which led to me not posting much at all. I’m going to try and update more frequently, and look forward to getting connected to you all again.

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