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What a day!

Man what a day this has turned out to be! I tossed & turned all night, so I woke up tired & very sore. I dropped Greg off at work, then came back home and went through my free book & paid emails. I decided against DoorDash and instead just messed around on Facebook.

From lunch onwards is where it got "fun." I had lunch with Greg, then went to Walmart. I got a Magic deck and a lamp. As I'm leaving, my phone rings. My hands were full but I was able to glance at my watch and see that it was Steph from work. She texted me saying her dad was having heart problems and going in for emergency surgery, she needed to leave and needed me to come in and cover her shift. I called her back and said "well I can, but only until 5..." She was supposed to close but there were 2 other closers so that wasn't even likely necessary. She said whatever I could do would be helpful.

I spent a few minutes, after getting home, cooling off but then Brenda called wanting to know where I was. Like dang, it hadn't even been that long, give a girl a chance to get ready! So I got dressed and went in for a little over 1 1/2 hours. Right after clocking out, while walking to the backroom to get my purse, my knee starts shooting pain from front to back then up to my sciatic nerve and back down. I make it to the car and go pick Greg up from work, then just as we get home a friend from years back calls. He wanted to talk to Greg lol so they chatted for a bit then he wanted to talk to me again so we chatted for a bit while I assembled the lamp (with shelves, I might add). Finally getting a chance to just relax and breathe.

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