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Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday

Wow, I got farther behind on posting than I would have liked… with my memory issues, that’s not good at all!

Had trouble getting up again on Wednesday. I think it’s because I’d gone without benadryl for a good two weeks and my body doesn’t know how to cope with it anymore, on top of my other pills. The amount of meds I used to take just to get to sleep was scary, and then I’d be so out of it while asleep that I wouldn’t have heard anything going on around me. So, perhaps this is for the best, not taking Tylenol PM at night every night (contains benadryl), if it continues to work well for me.

Got Casey to school ok, though.

I’d gotten a message from Colin about an hour before I got up, that he was waiting on stress tests for his computer, because he kept having problems with it. I figured I’d have heard from him shortly after I sent him my usual good morning message, but didn’t.

Did my usual. Got on SL to get dressed and got on Wiz to check my gardens. Then on to Sims 4.

I still hadn’t heard from Colin well after Casey got home from school and got really worried. Finally I did hear from him, he’d fallen asleep waiting on a stress test and his parents left him to it, knowing he needed the rest.

Casey was pretty tired and was trying to take a nap, when Dave got home from work. Casey immediately bounded out of bed and asked him to go outside and play. Dave says it’s because Casey likes him better. I was like, no, it’s because he misses you, you’re at work 6 days a week. He’s like yeah but I do more with him and blah blah blah. I’m so sick of always hearing this shit from him.

And yet, Casey had been asking about me teaching him Chess and I keep putting it off because my brain has been feeling like it’s on vacation. So, idk. I know I’m not the best at doing things with Casey. We do stuff together, but we’re each so independent! Then, things like this come up, and I feel like I just don’t do enough. I need to make more of an effort to do things with him.

Dinner was just leftovers.

Got Casey to bed ok and then I got back on Sims.

Stayed up later than I would have liked, especially considering Casey’s school carnival the next day.

Got up ok on Thursday. Got Casey off to school. Did my usual with SL, Wiz, & Sims 4.

When Colin first got up, he had to call the people about his computer. He kept having problems with BSOD, even doing simple things like trying to go to Netflix. He was able to play a couple games fine, but other games or simple tasks not so much.

We spent the day just playing Sims 4 “separately together.”

Home Chef hadn’t arrived by around 4pm, so I checked with FedEx and their site said it was being delivered Friday. It’s supposed to arrive Thursday, and I don’t trust any shipping carrier to hold perishable foods for longer than scheduled. I contacted their customer support, and they said the package didn’t make it to sortation in time, that I’d have to contact Home Chef. I sent Home Chef an email, then headed to the carnival at Casey’s school.

The carnival was nice, but I really overdid it with my knee. I really shouldn’t have gone, but didn’t want Casey to miss out on it. He had tons of fun, but I had tons of pain. I barely made it to the car and started crying as soon as I sat down in it. Made it home and put ice on my knee right away. The pain was so bad, it felt like I’d undone the surgery.

I’d eaten enough at the carnival for dinner, but Dave asked me to order him a pizza. I tried Casey’s General Store but they were no longer taking delivery orders. It was about 8pm and I don’t think they stay open late for pizza orders. Dave asked about Pizza Hut. We haven’t had Pizza Hut in years, because the last time we did Dave got sick from it and neither of us wanted to eat from there anymore. I went ahead and ordered it for him, and it turned out fine. Of course, the last time we had it was in Texas, so location would surely make all the difference.

Got Casey to bed, a little later than I would usually but I’m sure it’s hard for him to wind down after such a fun afternoon.

Played Sims 4 until I was ready for bed.

Set my alarm for 9:30 and when I woke up, Casey was in bed by me. My phone fell on the floor as the alarm was ringing, and he grabbed my phone for me. Shut my alarm off and crawled out of bed.

Did my usual with SL, Wiz, & Sims 4. Casey alternated between his favorite tasks lol.

Home Chef arrived around 11, and as soon as I opened the box, I could tell stuff was spoiled. The huge ice packs they always put in the boxes were completely thawed and not even cool anymore. The meat and cheeses and cream all would need to be thrown out. I called them right away and they issued a full credit for the order. I’d need to get a few things at the store for some of the dishes, but I could still use the produce and make the dishes. So, considering, that was very nice of them to issue a full refund.

He started getting fussy and whiny so I made him take a nap. He wasn’t feeling very well, either, with sneezing and coughing, so the only way I could convince him to nap was to tell him I’d put his KidScents and Vicks scents on for him. He ended up sleeping for, like, 4 hours.

Colin got up around 2 my time. He was still having the issues with his brand new computer. The people who built it ended up telling him they’d come pick it back up on Monday. In the meantime, at least we could still do our stuff on Sims 4 together while we talked.

Dave texted me about taking Casey to Appleton on Saturday and staying the night, that they supposedly have a pretty awesome children’s museum. I texted back that I’d love to go, but my knee can’t cope, that I set myself back pretty far by going to the carnival, that I shouldn’t have gone but didn’t want Casey to miss out on it, and that if we waited a few weeks we’d be able to better afford it anyway, and possibly meet up with some of my birth family while we were in their area. Judging by his initial text, he must not have to work Saturday either.

Had leftover pizza for dinner. I forgot to send Dave a text that there wasn’t much left. I didn’t really care at that point.

Got in the bath so I could shave, and did most of my washing up. Stood up and showered for the rest. Just that little bit of exertion made my knee hurt pretty bad.

After my bath, Casey was doing something that I guess was “super helpful” for Dave. He asked about getting a new toy. I have a bag I keep cheap toys in that he can choose from if he either poops or is super helpful. This is to encourage him to do both of those things regularly. Dave and I discussed it and agreed he could choose something. He picked Checkers. He wanted to play right away. This was simpler than Chess, so I agreed and we played a game. I won, of course, since I know how to play. Casey wasn’t happy about losing. I told him that it’s part of learning how to play the game, that he’s not expected to win the first time.

Got Casey to bed, later again than I would have liked. Oh well, it’s the weekend. But still, 10pm for a 5 year old is probably not good.

I was up probably a good 3 hours later than I would have liked. Finally got to bed, and made sure to set my alarm so I wouldn’t sleep all of Saturday away.

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