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Wednesday, Thursday, Friday


Got up at a decent time. Grabbed a latte while the computer booted, then got parked on SL while getting Casey up, dressed, and fed. Dropped him off for Summer Pack, then headed back home. Got on ArcheAge for a while, working on the crops and trade packs.

Had an appointment at the hospital in La Crosse with an Ob/Gyn. I hadn’t reminded Daniel about it, and he hadn’t said anything either. The appointment went ok, the doc seemed to take me relatively seriously. He wanted an ultrasound done as soon as possible to check for any sign of pregnancy, and he also ordered the special dye test to test if my tubes are blocked, as they should be.

After the appointment, I headed to Culver’s to get some chicken tenders and fried cheese curds to much on while I drove home.

Got home and got back on ArcheAge, more of the same.

Picked Casey up at the usual time, had him do the usual thing.

Casey played Minecraft on his computer while I kept on trucking along on ArcheAge.

Got him to bed around the usual time. Had some coffee to try and stay up a bit later myself, I was tired at 7:30 again. I made it until about 11:30 and headed to bed.


Got up and got my latte while the computer booted, then got parked on SL while getting Casey up, dressed, and fed. Dropped him off at Summer Pack and then headed to the clinic for the ultrasound.

Headed home after the appointment. Played on ArcheAge for a bit, then went to Walmart for a few things. After that, it was back home and more ArcheAge.

Picked Casey up at the usual time, brought him home and had him do his usual thing. When he was done, he played on the Nintendo. I kept on playing ArcheAge.

Saw the results online from my HPV test that was part of my pap. Daniel was so kind to share with me HPV types 18 and 45! I am now at high risk for cervical cancer, and I could end up with warts! Thanks, asshole! I let him know right away about it.

Heard from the nurse that they’d reviewed my ultrasound and found a mass of fluid that resembled a gestational sac. They wanted to do yet another blood pregnancy test. I scheduled it for the following day. I also let Daniel know right away about that news.

Got Casey to bed about the usual time, and kept playing on ArcheAge until I was ready for bed, a little earlier than I wanted considering Casey did not have Summer Pack the next day.


Woke up when the alarms went off, it was nice to sleep a little later. Got a latte while the computer booted, then got parked on SL. Casey was up, so I made sure he had breakfast, then had him get dressed while I got dressed myself.

Headed to the clinic for another blood draw, then right back home.

Got on ArcheAge and did a bit of questing, as well as dealing with the crops and trade runs. Spent the rest of the day on there, with Casey alternating between the Nintendo and the Roku.

Heard from the nurse via a letter on the patient portal. All it said was basically “you’re not pregnant.” I sent a nasty message back to them. I’m having pregnancy symptoms, faint at home blood tests, and there is what appears to be a gestational sac in my uterus. But because of one stupid blood test, you’re going to say I’m not pregnant? If I’m not pregnant, which is possible, this could be cancer. Even faint positives could be a sign of cancer, which I found shocking. They replied for me to make an appointment to come back in and talk to the doctor.

Got Casey to bed a little later, hoping he’d sleep later. I was trying to stay up later as well, but our guild was going to Dominion, basically a Guild War. And it would supposedly not be safe for us anywhere. Cyn was talking about leaving the Guild because she’d be at risk when doing her trade runs. I thought she was being silly. But, I logged off when she did and went to bed.

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