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Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday

Key point from Wednesday is that Brad came over. We hung out for a while before bed, but my legs were telling me it was time for bed for a while before we finally went.

Thursday we had a Cub Scouts outing at the Elroy-Sparta State Trail. We walked for about 2 miles, Casey was on his scooter for part of it.

Friday afternoon, after Dave picked Casey up, I headed to Walmart for a few groceries, then back home. Brad came over again an hour or so after he finally added me on Steam. We hung out for a while before bed.

It occurred to me, without facial hair he looks so much like Kevin it’s scary. Kevin is the guy who stole my virginity when I was 14, date rape.

Over those few days my games I was playing was Black Desert, GTA5 (Online), and a bit of Minecraft. I also checked out Lego Worlds one day. It’s a cute game, but I’m not sure how much I like it yet.

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