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Wednesday & Thursday

Due to the previous day’s snowfall, there was a late start Wednesday. I still got up at about the usual time, and Casey got up not long after. Got my latte and got parked on SL. Then just scrolled through Facebook for a while and took care of my free book & paid emails.

Once it was time, made sure Casey got dressed and fed. Offered him a choice between a PB&J in his lunch or a cheese sandwich (he won’t eat meat on sandwiches) and he actually chose a cheese sandwich. I was pleasantly surprised. Dropped him off at school, and thought I saw Daniel’s car leaving the parking lot when we were getting out of the car. I wasn’t sure, though. Next thing I know, I’m getting a text from him asking how my lips were doing lol. By the end of that little conversation, I’d been invited over to his house. I got in the shower, not entirely sure when I’d be leaving. Turns out he got the plow truck stuck in the snow, and he said that if I came I’d have to back up down the driveway when I left. I said that was fine, and headed over. Talked to Colin for a bit on the way over to Daniel’s. Felt kinda weird.

Spent about an hour with him, but he’s working 3rd shift now and needed to sleep before work. He’d only get 2-3 hours of sleep. I felt bad keeping him up so late. Once I’d left, I got to talk to Colin for a little while again.

Went and picked Casey up from school at the usual time. Got home and got him to sit on the toilet for a while. Then I had him get started on writing his Valentines. I should have had him working on it for about the past week, but I was slacking off due to all the dang snow shoveling. I’d only just that day picked up some Minecraft valentines.

After he worked on that for a little while, he asked if he could get on Minecraft. I said he could, and I got on DDO. Casey’s computer wasn’t behaving very well, so he ended up going down to the living room and watching shows on the Roku instead.

I kept playing DDO, and next thing I know it’s about time to get Casey ready for bed! And he hadn’t finished his valentines! He didn’t want to do any more writing, not surprising for being in kindergarten, so I finished them for him and then got him ready for bed.

He was complaining about a stomach ache again. He refused to take his vitamins, claiming he’d eaten too much even though he really hadn’t. I had to brush his teeth for him, and he declined the mouth wash as well. I read to him, and said goodnight. A few minutes later he called me back to his room to tell me he’d just let out a huge burp and his tummy felt all better. I figured it had to be some sort of gas in his tummy causing him the discomfort, lol.

Once he was settled in, I loaded DDO back up and resumed playing on my solo Rogue. That was a lot of fun, so much so that I was up a little bit too late playing it. I wasn’t fully ready for bed, but it was after 11 and I needed to get sleep.

Got up and got my latte this morning, got parked on SL while getting Casey up, dressed, and fed. No late start today! Dropped him off at school, then headed back home and tried to get on DDO. I didn’t get a chance to do anything, because they announced the server would be going down soon after for an update. I didn’t want to be stuck in the middle of anything when that happened, so I logged off. Some of my free book & paid emails had come in already, so I started working on those. I checked DDO here and there to see if the server was back up, while finishing my free book & paid emails once they all came in.

I needed to go to the store, we were almost out of cat food, so I decided to do that instead of check DDO anymore. That way, once I was home I’d be able to sit down and play and not have to worry about going back out. Got what I needed at Walmart, and then grabbed my favorite breakfast sandwich from the Subway inside before heading back home.

While eating my breakfast sandwich, I got logged back into DDO. I’d do a few things, then eat a bit, then back to doing some stuff, and eat a bit. I was working on a quest in the beginning zone and wanted to finish it up. I thought I was on the last bit of it, but then found out I wasn’t. That was disappointing. I couldn’t face any more of that, so I logged off.

Got my chores done, and then started talking with Colin about the house I wanted to figure out how to load into my world. I couldn’t figure out how to get a schematic file to load into a Windows 10 Edition world. Colin looked it up and found a YouTube video about it. I can’t face watching YouTube videos, especially where people drone on about things, even if it’s useful information. He walked me through it, but the house didn’t look right. At least I’d figured out how to do it, but then it was time to go pick Casey up from school.

Was hoping I’d get to see Daniel at parent pick-up, but he wasn’t there. Came back home and went through Casey’s valentines he’d gotten from his friends before he got on the toilet.

I kept trying to make adjustments to get that house schematic to load right, but I couldn’t. So, I loaded in a different house instead, and it worked fine. I think the resource pack the creator of the first one used when building didn’t convert very well. Got the world uploaded back to the realm, and started working on some tweaks to make everything look right. The interior was completely blank, so I made rooms as well.

About half past 6, Casey and I got ready to head to his parent teacher conference. Dave opted out of going, which I thought was odd. Casey’s doing really well, especially with reading and writing. Except he likes to doodle too much when he’s writing, lol.

Once we were done with the conference, we went to the book fair in the school library. Picked out a couple books and some other things for Casey, and then headed home.

And then, suddenly, the whole day turns to shit because of Dave. It was obvious he’d been drinking the entire time we were out. And must’ve been drinking relatively fast judging by his behavior and slurred speech, considering we weren’t really gone that long. He started pestering Casey, “being mean to him” as Casey would say. I kept trying to separate them, but Dave was relentless. Somehow, and I have no idea how, Casey managed to get all his bedtime stuff done. There was lots of crying during the process, because Dave wouldn’t leave him alone. Casey was even asking Dave to apologize and promise not to be mean anymore, but he would make no such promise. That’s real fucking great, Dave. I finally got Casey away from him, and snuggled him into my bed for a slumber party. Dave came in and asked Casey something about if he really wasn’t going to do slumber parties with him anymore, and Casey asked him again to promise not to be mean anymore. Dave turned around and walked back to his room. What a wonderful fucking father, can’t even promise your kid you’ll be nice! Read one of his new books to him and then snuggled for a bit, before hopping in the shower.

When I got out of the shower, Dave came in my room to check on Casey. Still wouldn’t even apologize for being such a jerk. He told Casey goodnight, then went and turned the light and fan off in the bathroom. I always let the fan go until it automatically shuts off. So, it’s slightly irritating that he’d go turn it off, but not a huge deal. The light, though. I wasn’t done in there! Then he goes out in the kitchen and turns off the stove light. I always turn that light off when *I* go to bed, since I’m always the last one up and often wander back out to the kitchen for one thing or another. So, I went and turned it back on, closed the blinds that Dave never bothered closing, then went to get my PJs on. While I was getting my PJs on, Dave went back out to the kitchen for God knows what, and turned the light back off. I marched straight back to the kitchen and turned the damn light back on.

So then Dave went to bed. I’m about to hop on Conan to refresh the bases, completely forgot about that this morning.

Took care of refreshing the bases and made sure the pets and thralls were well fed. Then I hopped on Aura Kingdom to relist items on the auction house. After that I finished up the Minecraft housing tweaks.

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