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Wednesday & Thursday

Wednesday, got and got some coffee, got parked on SL while getting Casey up, dressed, and fed. Dropped him off at school, then headed home and got on Blade & Soul. I did a bit of this & that, but was trying not to get too sucked in because I had therapy at 9.

Therapy went well, Lisa was proud of my progress with my affirmative sticky notes, and wants to move on to work on something else for a while because she feels I’m on the right path with restoring confidence in myself. She wants me to think about what we should work on next.

Came back home and took care of my free book & paid emails before logging back into Blade & Soul. Did quite a bit of questing on my Gunner. Was enjoying it fairly well. I felt bad that Colin and I weren’t actively questing with Autumn on our trio, but the timing was just off all the time. Colin kept creating new characters and working on getting them to the same stopping point as all the others, that held things up more than anything else.

Played on there throughout most of the day, taking breaks as needed for things like eating and getting chores done. Autumn was being a bit, whiny? She was going on about if I played something else what would she do? And that we never do anything on Aura Kingdom and she doesn’t think Minecraft (which her interest in piqued my interest in to begin with) is fun. I feel like I’m stuck playing this game, with her, to keep her entertained and happy. I’m not sure how long I can keep that up. I’m enjoying Blade & Soul, but I cannot be her sole source of entertainment. I just can’t keep that up anymore.

Picked Casey up from school and had him get on the toilet when we got home. Around the time I was getting him to finish up, Dave was getting home. Grabbed some dinner for me and got Casey something to eat as well, then headed back to the computer while Casey went downstairs to watch stuff on the Roku. He’d had gym every day during the week and is still not feeling the best, so he’s been extra tired.

Once it was time to get Casey ready for bed, I got to a good point where I could take a break and help him out as needed. Got him tucked in, then got back on Blade & Soul. Played on there until I was about tired enough for bed, then logged off before I started dozing off.

Thursday, got up and got my coffee, got parked on SL while getting Casey up, dressed, and fed. Dropped him off at school, then headed to Walmart to get some things that we needed, which I’d either forgotten the last time I’d been, or didn’t know we needed at the time.

Came back home and got some of the groceries put away, then took care of my free book & paid emails while eating some breakfast. Once that was done, I got on Conan to refresh the bases, thinking a bit about getting on an alt to play on there some more. Then I got on Aura Kingdom to take care of the auction house stuff. After that, I tried to get on DDO, but wasn’t able to finish the installation of a patch. Around that time, I was getting on the call with Colin, and he said that he’d read about some maintenance breaking the patch, thereby breaking the game. Hopefully they’d get that fixed soon. It sounds like a DDOS attack to me, though. I hope that’s not the case.

After giving up on connecting to DDO, I launched Blade & Soul and got on my solo character to do questing. Worked on that throughout the rest of the day, taking breaks for chores and other things. Autumn was going on about questing together, but they’d gotten paid and she ended up going out to do shopping and get something to eat anyway. Colin and I stayed on our solo characters and worked on questing, separately together. By the time Autumn was back, it was time to go get Casey.

Picked Casey up and brought him home, and got him to sit on the toilet, as per usual. I was hungry, so I put a ham & cheesy potato casserole in the oven to bake, only realizing after it’d been in there nearly the entire hour it had to cook, that we were going to McDonald’s for our Cub Scout meeting and would be eating there. I ended up only having a little bit of the casserole, enough to tide me over.

The Cub Scout meeting went well. Casey and I went early so we could eat before everyone else got there. Naturally, when the others arrived, they all wanted some sort of snack or meal. I was able to get the boys to complete their activity while they grazed on their meals. I was ready to go with Casey, and wanted to get him an ice cream to go per his request, but Michael wasn’t sitting still for Leanne and seemed to want to follow Casey. I blame the game they played tonight: follow the leader. So, I got Casey to sit by Michael while I got him his ice cream. He ate that while Michael ate his food, and we all chatted a bit. It was awkward sitting and chatting with Leanne, I was on the edge of my seat with the expectation that she’d ask if I was seeing Daniel. I couldn’t face the question yet, not without talking to Daniel about it again sometime. She never did say anything, to my relief.

Once the boys were done eating, we all headed out so we could get the boys to their respective beds. Got Casey all tucked in, then got back on Blade & Soul on my solo character. Worked on more questing, and a bit of boss farming for an outfit I wanted.

I wasn’t really getting sleepy when I should have been, because I had a lot of tension in my head for some unknown reason. I cut myself off at midnight and tried to sleep, but tossed and turned for at least an hour.

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