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Wednesday & Thursday

Got up and got my latte, got parked on SL while getting Casey up, dressed, and fed. Dropped him off at school, then headed back home.

Hopped on Conan to refresh the bases, then Aura Kingdom and DDO to deal with the Auction House stuffs.

Got back to SL, changed my clothes on my tiny little pixie self, and spent some time on SL with Autumn, hanging around and shopping. The usual stuff.

Made a trip to Walmart for a few things, but then it was back home.

Got on Minecraft for a little while. Did a bit of fishing and a bit of mining.

Picked Casey up at about the usual time. Had him do the usual thing.

Stayed on SL hanging around and chatting up until it was time for bed. During that time, I managed to get a nose ring, a wedding set, and my RLV ring to fit on my tiny self.

Today, got up and got my latte, got parked on SL while getting Casey up, dressed, and fed. Got a message from Daniel on Facebook apologizing and wishing me a belated happy birthday. He asked how he could make it up to me. I have no idea. He must have passed out, because the conversation fizzled.

Dropped Casey off at school, then came back home for a bit. Headed to the post office to drop off a package so I can get my $50 compensation, then went to Walmart to get a few things I’d forgotten. I’d intended to get breakfast on the way home, but ended up buying things that were otherwise unnecessary so I decided to just eat leftovers at home.

Picked Casey up from school and headed home. I hopped on Minecraft. Did some fishing and mining again. “All the things, all the time” as Colin says. Casey joined me for a bit, but he played on his own world.

Had our Cub Scouts Den Meeting, so we went to that. Wrapped up where things stand with earning belt loops and discussed when we will be having future meetings, how often and at what time. They probably will pick back up in August or September.

Headed home and got Casey ready for bed, then got on Minecraft with Autumn.

Then shit hit the fan.

I got a message from Vol, a clan member: “Boss. We need to talk. This issue has been skirted around a few times, but things in the clan have grown stale. Most of the clan is barely on at all, yourself included. You have your own life, and that takes precedence, but we could do so much more. I would like to request a change in leadership. Allow me to take the reins. A few of us have considered moving on. We are competitive, and desire greater ascension. Thank you for your time.”

I responded: “I’ve barely been on because I was spending my birthday week with Cyn, and that’s perfectly acceptable. I also let myself burn out some, so a break was needed. And the last couple of times I’ve thought, “Oh, I’ll get on tomorrow,” I get a message saying that I need to pass leadership on to someone else. There is absolutely no need to pass leadership – as a veteran you can already do anything you would need to do to help keep the clan alive while I recover from my burnout.. There are only a few who are active as it is. You, Varzon, and Grey. I’d consider Angel as well but in my experience she requires to go afk in the middle of dungeons for great lengths of time. If you choose to move on, so be it. We can’t stop you. But Cyn and I have already discussed this and it is just not going to happen. There’s just no need for it to.”

FYI Cyn is Autumn.

Then I posted in the clan discord channel: “It’s been brought up twice now, so it’s time to address this. I have been told that I need to pass leadership on to someone else, the second of which makes me feel as though I am being given an ultimatum – get on full time or pass leadership, or people will leave. I am here now to inform you that leadership will not be passed on to anyone other than Cyn or Badmagic as we are the founders of the clan. I want to stress this: There is nothing that any veteran cannot do to maintain or even improve the clan! You all have the ability to add new members, even do recruiting! I even went so far as to appoint Vol the Battleground Commander so he could start planning clan battles for the 4 or 5 who are even active for the most part. Therefore, it is 100% unnecessary to appoint anyone else as the clan leader. I was beginning to burn out from BnS as my birthday drew closer. Not enough people were ever on at the same time as I was for me to do anything but farm Peaches or Buds unless I wanted to attempt raids with a bunch of strangers. I could only handle so much before the burn out started to set in. For the good of the clan, I could not allow that to continue. So, given that my birthday was getting close and my best friend (Cyn) wanted to devote an entire week to doing things together, I thought it was perfect timing to relieve myself of the burnout. Just as I was thinking, “Oh, I’ll get on tomorrow,” I get contacted by Varzon, making me feel like BnS is a JOB instead of a GAME by telling me I need to pass leadership on to someone else until I’m back “full time.” I did get on a bit over the next couple days, even did part of my dailies until exhaustion set in and I needed to go to bed. And then today, I was thinking, “BnS sounds fun, I shall do that for a bit tomorrow.” And then I get contacted by Vol, again pressing for me to pass him leadership. As for the ultimatum. Well, I can’t lie, that would really suck. I’ve grown quite fond of some of you. But, I’m not playing the ultimatum game. BnS is an awesome game and I love it, but I can’t allow myself to burn out on it. That would do no good for the clan. This is not a job. It’s a game. I’m devoted to it. I will not pass leadership on to anyone but Cyn or Badmagic.”

Cyn posted that they needed to stop stressing me out over this nonsense or she’d kick them. Varzon decided to be a drunk asshole so he got banned from the server. Cyn and I logged on to BnS to manage the clan. They’d already left anyway. I kicked people who haven’t been on in 2 or more weeks. I can officially take a bit of a break from BnS without worrying about shit. And come back better and stronger.

Now we’re going to get on Minecraft and explore together until it’s time for bed.

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