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Wednesday & Thursday

Had trouble getting out of bed Wednesday morning. I’m just not sleeping all that great, and I’m not sure why. I used to not sleep well when Dave wasn’t home, but surely that can’t be the reason, given our situation right now?

Got my latte and got Casey up and both of us dressed. Well, when I say that, really all I do for him is pick out his clothes. Got him onto the bus, then headed back to the house. Got some more coffee and sipped on that while I got parked in SL, gardened in Wiz, rolled dice in DDO, and then got onto Aura Kingdom. Played on AK on and off throughout the rest of the day and into the night.

Colin mentioned that he’d purposefully cut back on the “teasing,” but I’ve noticed no difference. He actually sounded pretty bitter about it, too. Especially when he asked if I had noticed and I said I hadn’t, because in all honesty he’s going on about it as much as ever, if not more than ever before. I guess he doesn’t realize that “joking around about things in a sexual manner” has the same effect on me: when done to the extent that he has over the years, it’s annoying and a turn-off.

Got Casey off the bus and he told me he’d had a good day. This was so good to hear, there were just too many days that he wasn’t having a good day. I’m glad he’s getting settled into the school year better. Unfortunately, I could tell he’d made a mess of his underpants, so I had to get him on the toilet right away. And to think he’d been doing that at school, it horrifies me.

Had leftover pasta bake for dinner, still pretty darn tasty!

Got Casey a bath after he talked to Dave for a little bit. Ever since we moved here, we’ve had sort of an unspoken agreement that Casey was old enough and smart enough not to drown in the bath if we left him in there by himself. My bedroom is right next door and Dave’s is not far either, so we just keep an ear out if he needs us. One time, Casey didn’t want to part with his tablet for his bath, so Dave propped it up on a stool next to the tub so Casey could watch his shows while he soaked. What a flippin’ fantastic idea that was, now Casey won’t stay in the bath more than 2 minutes unless he can watch something. So, I had him soaking with his laptop propped on the stool so he could watch PJ Masks on Netflix. Let him soak for a while before going in there to wash him up. When I got in there, he pointed down into the water and said “look mommy.” He didn’t sound distraught or anything. But, when I looked, he’d pooped in the damn bath. He instantly lost his electronics privelages, yet again. He knows better, he just ignores his body in favor of whatever it is he’s doing at the time that he deems more important than pooping regularly and in the toilet. Well, he got upset and wanted to talk to daddy. Gee, I wonder why? Dave caves on EVERYTHING. And of course, this was no different. I explained to Dave why we were calling, that basically Casey wanted to talk to him because he was upset about his electronics being taken away after he pooped in the bath tub. First Dave said I can’t take his electronics away just because he pooped in the wrong place. I reminded him that we’ve been taking them away for his “juicy toots” and that this was not any different. So then he tried some BS line about “Well he was just confused, he needs to be taught the difference between the toilet and the bath tub.” He’s 6 years old, he knows where he’s supposed to be pooping, he just ignores his body because he’s too busy with his electronics, which I said to Dave in response. So, then he was like, “So why are you calling me?” “Because Casey wanted to talk to you” (like I’d already told him). So I heard their conversation, and Dave was asking him, “Did you just get confused about where you were supposed to be pooping?” Can you plant the answer into his mouth in any other way just to avoid having his damn electronics taken away?? The result of the conversation was that Casey was supposed to help me clean the bath tub to help him get his electronics back quicker. Well, he wanted to eat anyway, which was fine by me because he is NOT getting his electronics back that quickly.

Right after that, Casey said he was ready for bed. I looked at the time and sighed, it wasn’t even 8 yet and I needed a shower. I said I was going to take a shower then get him to bed, but then my stomach was upset for a bit so I got him to bed and then took a shower.

After my shower, it was back to Aura Kingdom. I’d finished the achievement for defeating each of the 54 elite monsters in the first 14 maps 10 times. I’d then done the achievement for eavesdropping on all the conversations in each of the first 14 maps. I’d gotten a nice reward for that one, too. So before bed I was working on the achievement for alchemy, concocting each of the level 50 potions. I was “channel hopping” in the map that had what I needed so I could collect the ingredients for the recipe.

My insomnia got the better of me, and even though that task was very boring, I was up until about midnight doing it. I wasn’t feeling fully ready for bed at that point, but I had to force myself to at least try. I tossed and turned for a bit, but then finally got to sleep.

This morning was probably the worst yet. I almost didn’t make it out of bed on time, and was really worried I wouldn’t get Casey out of bed on time either. Somehow I managed, and we both got dressed and to the bus stop on time. It was cold and rainy, but we were both wearing our hoodies. I told Casey that we’d make Friday’s our special day for me to drive him to school, since he’s been asking when we’ve already been on our way to the bus stop about once per week so far.

I’d managed to make my latte but not drink any before heading to the bus stop, so I enjoyed that while getting parked on SL, gardening on Wiz, rolling dice on DDO, and hopping on Aura Kingdom. I made a cup of regular coffee shortly after I’d finished the latte.

I did some of my morning stuff on Aura Kingdom, but then felt like getting on SL. Colin and I spent some time together, mostly taking care of our Funsies babies. They require intellect stars each month, and were 13 months behind.

After SL, got back on Aura Kingdom and continued hunting down the stuff I needed for alchemy. Then it was time to get Casey off the bus. I told the driver that I’ll start driving Casey to school on Fridays, so he’s aware. Though, he knows if Casey’s out there and won’t even slow down if he doesn’t see him. Can be annoying sometimes.

Continued on Aura Kingdom while Casey sat on the toilet again. At least his underpants weren’t as bad as they were yesterday.

Had some leftover pasta bake, and Casey had some mac & cheese.

Then it was time to go to the Cub Scouts Pack meeting. There were a lot of people there!! Lots of kids running around, too. It went well, we talked about the upcoming popcorn sales, and took care of some more paperwork. Then we broke down into Dens to come up with some meeting times. Scott, the Pack leader, was asking for volunteers for Den leader for our Den. One lady volunteered, her son Michael is in Casey’s class, but nobody else was, so I did. So, now I’m a Den leader! Before we left, we got to sample the popcorn, and I also asked about paying for Casey’s stuff that we didn’t get to pay for last week. Got that paid for and collected Casey’s shirts and hat.

Came home and let Casey have a small cup of chocolate milk before getting him ready for bed. He asked about doing his important stuff in the morning, and I said that was fine since we’d have extra time, not having to catch the bus.

So now I’m just going to probably do some stuff on Aura Kingdom before bed. I’m already feeling tired, just been a long week already, so hoping to get to bed earlier. As long as I don’t get a second wind before I start dozing off I’ll be good.

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