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Wednesday & Thursday

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Greg stayed at the apartment while I took Casey to school, then I headed back home to spend the morning with him.

He wanted to look for some screws for his guitar at Ace Hardware, so I took him there. Afterward, he bought us some Burger King for lunch. I dropped him off at his place, then headed home.

I spent the day just scrolling through Facebook, disinterested in anything else.

I picked Casey up from school, then we headed home so I could get ready for work.

Work went pretty well, though we weren’t out of there as early as I expected. I was working with the new Assistant Store Leader and she didn’t know how to do some things that I’d expected her to know how to do already. I showed her what she needed to be shown and we got everything done.

I’d struggled pretty much all day with some doubts and insecurities. It all started a couple days prior when Cyn said the relationship with Greg seemed too good to be true. Then, after we’d expressed our love to each other Wednesday night, he hadn’t said it again. Then, I showed him my Facebook profile, how I’d updated my status to “In a Relationship.” I said I’d wanted to tag him in it, but didn’t know how he’d feel. (Dan and Brad didn’t even want to be friends on Facebook, much less get tagged in shit.) Greg said he usually waits a couple weeks before updating his status, and that he didn’t really feel the need for it to be public. Rationally, I realize things are moving hella fast and there really isn’t a need to be FB Official at all, much less after only a week. The logic was escaping me, though. And every time I tried to dig myself out of the hole I was making, I ended up digging myself deeper instead. Well, apparently when I explained to Greg again why his past didn’t matter to me, it changed his mind and he tagged me in a relationship status update on Facebook. I was at work at the time, but I happened to have been able to check my phone and I was over the moon!

I went and picked Greg up after work, then we headed back to my place for the night. It’s so nice being able to see him nearly every day!!

Thursday, January 21, 2021

Greg stayed at the apartment again while I took Casey to school. He asked me to stop and get some coffees from Burger King on my way home, so I did. He’d said he’d give me money, but I ended up getting out the door without it. I need to watch myself, I’m spoiling him with coffee.

I headed back home and we hung out for a bit, but he had to be at work by 9:30. I dropped him off, then stopped at the Southside Kwik Trip for a few things, including to check some lottery tickets of his.

I spent some time at home messing around on Facebook again but ended up going back out to go to Family Dollar for a few things. I was talking with Colin while I was out, telling him all about Greg.

After picking Casey up from school, we just hung around the house. Greg was planning on coming over later at night and made it just in time for me to be able to go get him before getting Casey to bed. We hung out for a few hours, chatting with him playing his guitar, before heading to bed. All-day long, via phone calls and in-person, Greg was sure to tell me he loved me. That meant the world to me.

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