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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

I did bill pay for myself in the morning after going through my free book & paid emails. Things are looking quite well. The inheritance money from my Grandma was available, and I was able to put half into a new savings account and half into a Roth IRA CD. I’m pretty happy.

I’d left the crockpot with Dave, not really sure if I had anywhere I could store it anyway. But I knew I’d need one some time since I use it fairly often, especially during the winter months. I’d also recently been looking at air fryers since I don’t have a fryer of any kind. Well, I ended up finding something even better. The Instant Pot Duo Crisp. And it was a very reasonable price at Walmart, about $50 less than other places. I went ahead and ordered it, it should be here Friday.

Other than that I pretty much just spent the day messing around on SL.

My vertigo has been really bad over the past week, so I texted my boss to verify that dizziness was not on the list of symptoms requiring us to stay home, since I was supposed to work that night. She ended up telling me to stay home and find cover for my shift. Wonderful. I’d told her I was pretty sure it was just a cold, but I guess if it’s anything that could be contagious we have to stay home anyway. “Every coworker is a kitchen coworker” is a company policy. I also verified that I’ll need to let her know by 8pm Thursday if I’m not any better because we’re supposed to be symptom-free without meds (other than what we normally take) for 24 hours. I’ve been short enough on hours lately as it is, I do not need to be missing work right now! Just as long as my job isn’t on the line, especially since I wasn’t trying to call out.

I sent Brad a text but didn’t hear anything from him. I ended up in bed quite a bit earlier than normal for me.

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