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Wednesday, July 18 Update

I went to the library this morning to renew my library card, and found out I can check out books on my kindle for free! I thought I had to have the Amazon Prime membership, but nope! While there, I checked out 5 books. I hadn’t been in a library in years, so I was mesmerized.

This afternoon I heard from United Healthcare. They said I passed the assessment, and they would like to schedule me for an interview. She took a few minutes to explain where they are in the hiring process, and said that they have already filled the 10 slots for the class, but are still lining up backups in case anything doesn’t fall through. I explained my situation, how I’ve been trying to get a job there for 2 years and I can definitely keep trying, but that it would be best for all involved if we make sure I don’t start until October. That would fulfill my maternity leave and I’d be able to give my full attention to the new job.

All day I’ve been having the ringing in my ear, and my stress has been getting higher and higher as the photo shoot neared. Finally it’s crunch time, we’re running late to go to a photo shoot I don’t want to participate in, and I’m the primary object of the photos. So, we rush out the door and speed the whole way there, and are still half an hour late. But, the photographer made my day! She offered to cut this into a mini-shoot, to get just enough photos for my mom and some for me to keep to commemorate the memory. That’s all I want out of it, just a couple good shots to remember it by. We already have a full shoot scheduled for the newborn, so then we can take him back after either 6 months or a year for another mini-shoot. Sounds perfect! So, I took that offer, and we got to shootin’. It didn’t take long at all since I hadn’t taken a lot of clothes and we were just doing the mini shoot. I’ll get the pictures in a couple weeks.

I’m waiting for my mom to bombard me with questions about “how was the shoot?” I don’t know how to maintain my composure. I’m wearing thin and feel like I may snap at any moment. Actually, I did snap at Dave, but it was only partially pregnancy or bipolar induced. Let’s just say we have things to work on in this marriage, and that needs to take a priority.

Well, that’s all, just wanted to share an update.

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