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Ended up just staying on Minecraft last night, and played with Autumn. Stayed up much too late, considering I had to get up early this morning for my therapy appointment.

Got lucky with waking up, really. I had 2 alarms set. One of them I had shut off without realizing it. But by the time the 2nd one went off, I was awake enough to get out of bed.

I felt a little anxious, but it wasn’t enough to deter me from my morning latte. Made that and sat down to the computer. Got on SL to get dressed, and then heard from Colin. He was having computer problems again. *sigh* It’s always something. He was able to get it sorted and we got on Skype to talk for a while before my appointment.

I got Casey up and dressed about half an hour or so before the appointment. I only live 6 minutes from the clinic, so I wasn’t worried about the time. He didn’t want to eat anything for breakfast, so we just hung out for a bit and then left.

By the time Casey got his seatbelt buckled in, we were running late. We got to the clinic and I got checked in 2 minutes after my appointment time, when I was supposed to be there 15 minutes beforehand. Oh well.

Talked with Lisa, my therapist, about all kinds of stuff. I was able to use some delicate phrasing so Casey wouldn’t pick up on too much. I didn’t want him there with me, because I always spend at least part of the time talking about marital problems, but I didn’t have a choice. Everything I’ve talked about I’ve already posted here.

After the appointment, we just came straight home. I decided to get another copy of Minecraft in Casey’s name, so he could either play solo or with me. He was super excited! Since he’d already played it a bit on his tablet, he had some idea of how to do things.

Spent a few hours doing that, and then I had to put my foot down and call it a day. He was very understanding. He’s been so good about that lately!! I’m so proud! Usually he’d fruit the eff out! I’m hoping it’s a sign of his maturing, and not just a temporary thing.

After that, Casey was ready to eat some lunch, so I made him a PB&J. While he ate, I got the dishes and my free book and paid emails done. After Casey was done eating, he grabbed his tablet and went to the bathroom with it. I scrolled through Facebook.

Dave got home a little before 4. What a range of feelings I went through, lol. First I was disgruntled. Then I was cautiously optimistic. Then I was hopeful of going out to eat tonight. Then I was starving and frantic for food. He was completely unaware of any of it, because he went straight to the bathroom for a while and then outside to mow the lawn.

Casey ended up going outside with Dave, and at the tail end of their time outside Dave took Casey for a wagon ride. When they came back in, Dave got in the shower right away.

It was around 6 by then and I’d lost hope of going out to eat, so I finally grabbed my dinner. I had a chicken margherita with chips and salsa. Casey was ready to eat as well, so I made him some mac & cheese.

Dave finished up his shower while Casey and I were still eating. He came right out to the kitchen to get his dinner ready. Casey had told him that I took him with me to an appointment this morning, so Dave asked if it was to see an attorney to get things moving. Then he asked, in seriousness, what my appointment was for. I stayed silent. He made some comment about me being a bitch, and I asked why I should share with him what my appointment was for when he’d just said I needed to have an appointment with an attorney to get things moving? He said to make things amicable. I wanted to snort. Amicable. Honey, if you think a divorce between us is going to be anywhere near amicable, you’ve got another thing coming.

I ignored him and went back to my room. I heard them in the kitchen playing checkers, so I launched Wiz to see if anything had changed. Still the same. I was on my way to complete the daily task when Dave asked if I’d submitted for the Wisconsin Child Tax Rebate we’d gotten a notice about. Something about another $100. I had an “oh shit” moment and said I hadn’t. He was being an ass about it, but he brought me the paper anyway. He said he doesn’t know how it is I don’t get these things done when I’m at home all day every day. I didn’t respond. Got the information submitted and finished up the daily on Wiz and logged off.

Casey asked Dave about playing MarioKart, and Dave said it was fine, but Casey told him his time was up for the day already. So tomorrow, instead of us playing Minecraft together, Casey wants me to play Minecraft and build a bridge to go over the river while he plays MarioKart. Are there bridges in Minecraft? I guess I don’t see why there wouldn’t be.

Then Casey asked if his tablet was full of time again. I said no, it wasn’t, he’d used it all up already today. He said he had to go to the bathroom and needed to watch something while he was in there. I said no, he didn’t need to. He asked what he could do while he was in there, and I suggested a book, or maybe his Minecraft magazine. After a day of Minecraft, he was interested in that option, so he grabbed it and went into the bathroom.

That’s when launched the LJ editor to start typing this. I was hesitant, mostly because I’m tired and my left leg is aching for either activity or bed. I sometimes have restless leg, mostly when I’m tired as a sign that it’s time to get into bed. Unfortunately, my right leg doesn’t agree with my left leg.

So, it’s almost 7:30. Too early to publish this, because there’s still a couple hours that anything could happen. So, I’ll do what I’ve done the last couple days and just leave this window open with the draft saved.

Ended up getting on Minecraft since Casey was watching Disney Junior on the tv. He watched that until he was ready to go to bed. Got his important stuff done, read to him, and tucked him in. Then continued with Minecraft.

Still up and playing Minecraft for now XD

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