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I got up and got some coffee in my to-go cup while the computer booted, then got Casey up, dressed, and fed. We rushed out the door and headed to his OT appointment, then I stopped at McDonald’s for breakfast and more coffee for the ride home.

I took care of my free book & paid emails, and a few other things, then spent some time looking at Facebook, still feeling mopey about Brad but a bit better.

Casey had his therapy appointment in the afternoon. It went ok, he wasn’t really wanting to participate a whole lot though.

After therapy, we headed back home for a while, until it was time to take him over to Dave’s.

I tried to stop by the liquor store for beer & cigs on the way home, but I’d forgotten my mask. I went home and got my things ready for some Census work, then headed back out. I was halfway to the smoke shop when I remembered I needed my mask, so I went back home to get it. Then, I headed to the smoke shop for some cigs and set about doing the Census work for a couple hours.

I decided not to stop for beer on the way home, and it was just as well since I still had quite a bit. I spent the night messing around on Facebook and had a couple beers.

I was feeling better again about the Brad thing, convincing myself that since he hadn’t defriended me on Steam he must just be going through a rough patch with his PTSD. I’d intended not to text him, but ended up sending one anyway letting him know I’m here for him.

After a while, I sat in my recliner to read, and did that pretty much up until I was ready for bed.

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