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I got up and got some coffee while the computer booted, then got parked on SL. After that, I got dressed while also getting Casey up, dressed, and fed. I dropped him off at school at the usual time, where I saw Daniel also dropping Michael off.

Daniel and I exchanged a few pleasantries, then I headed home. Next thing I know, he’s messaging me on Facebook asking about coming over for some coffee. I told him he’d need to keep his hands to himself, and he didn’t seem to think he would be able to. I ended up letting him come over so he could at least try. There was still no work in the queue for the project I’m in anyway, so at least I didn’t have that to worry about.

That didn’t go very well. I made him coffee, which he drank much too fast. Then his hands were all over me. I kept pushing him away, and he kept persisting. Finally, he stopped and tried to compose himself. But then he was all over me again. He pulled himself together again and said he should probably go since he couldn’t control himself.

I finished up my free book & paid emails, then hopped on Fallout 76 on the Xbox for a while. I got a call from the vet’s office saying that Max’s blood work came back normal. They suspected either Inflammatory Bowel Disease or some sort of parasitic worm was causing his tummy troubles. They had medicine for me to try to give to him that I could pick up around 11:30.

After picking up the medicine for Max, I stopped by the hotel where the Cubmaster’s wife works and got the Pinewood Derby car kit. Then, I went to Walmart to get a few groceries, since I was almost out of food. I also picked up a new pillow and a cheap-ass pair of shoes. Then, it was back home for a while.

I got back on Fallout for a while, until it was time to go back out to pick Casey up from school. Once he and I got back home, I got back on Fallout for a bit. I wasn’t up for doing much on there, so I got off it and got on Minecraft instead.

I got a new texture pack and applied it to the world that Cyn and I have been playing on. I absolutely love it! It’s called Pastel Craft. Cyn was out at the time, but when she got home she got on the world to see it and said she liked it, too.

Minutes after she’d joined the world, Dave came in asking for help getting his replacement phone activated. I ended up having to contact Customer Service, but it took ages to get ahold of a person. Finally, I got a human on the line and they worked some magic and fixed his phone.

Cyn said that there wasn’t anything she wanted to do on Minecraft, and logged off. I told her that I hoped we could go to the nearest Stronghold together, but she wasn’t interested. I ended up logging out of Minecraft as well.

I tried to start the game Sea of Thieves, but the character selection left me feeling disappointed. Even when I’d finally chosen a character, I quickly changed my mind and couldn’t find a way to go back and change it. I threw in the towel and quit the game.

I got on Conan Exiles on the Xbox for a while and played around, even built my first little hut. I would have to log in every so often to make sure it doesn’t poof on me, but I was glad to have caught on to the controls so I could play it and can see logging on to refresh the base.

I got Casey to get ready for bed, then read to him and tucked him in. After that, I ended up getting back on Minecraft anyway and went to the Stronghold by myself. All I wanted were books for my tiny library. I got those and headed back to my base, then logged back out.

It was late enough that I could sleep, and I was feeling tired, so I shut everything down and was laying in bed dozing off when I heard a text from Brad come in. At first, my brain didn’t register that he’d texted me. Then, once it did, I perked up and chatted with him for a bit. I fibbed and said I was bored, and he said I could come over. So, I got dressed and headed over.

He was playing Fallout 4 on his computer when I got there, so I watched him play for a bit. Then we watched some music videos on YouTube until he noticed the time. It was already 1:30, so we headed upstairs for bed.

I know I’ve already told him that I’ve fallen for him, though it was in a text message and not in person. But I want to tell him I love him, in person, when we’re full of the passion and excitement from being in each other’s arms. I am also scared to tell him because I doubt that he feels anywhere near the same. Even if he does, it would probably still scare him to vocalize it because of all the other shit he’s dealing with in life right now. So, I continue to bite my tongue while we’re making love. Then when we’re done, we fall asleep holding each other. It’s magical.

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