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Bailey got Brad up around 6:30, so I got up as well. I got dressed and ready to head home. Once home, I got some coffee and booted the computer. I spent some time on Facebook while waiting for my free book and paid emails to arrive.

Once Casey was up, I got him started on his schoolwork. My emails had also arrived, so I took care of those.

After my emails were done, I got on Minecraft for a bit. Then I got Casey signed up for the beta on his phone. He had a Therapy appointment though, so had to wait a bit before he could get on.

He did much better with the Telehealth visit with it being in the morning. We played a quick game of Simon Says and talked about listening and following directions.

After Therapy, Casey went back to his schoolwork and I got on Black Desert for a bit. I wasn’t really doing anything, so I got back off. I spent much of the rest of the day on Facebook. In the evening I did get back on BDO.

I was chatting with someone on Aff and he spoke as though he knew Brad. He’d been FWB with a guy named Brad until he started seeing someone he’d met on the site. It sure sounds like the same Brad. That means, if it is Brad, he is bi like I thought, which is hot. It also means he’s telling people he’s seeing me, which is awesome.

I was still on BDO, so I went back to it. I headed to where a World Boss would spawn and chopped down trees until the fight. Then I participated in the fight. Afterward, I chopped down more trees until I was ready for bed.

Rocketbook Entry, Page 2

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