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I messed around on Black Desert while Casey was at school, but ended up having a panic attack that kept me afk. I used everything at my disposal, except Xanax, to calm down from it. It took over an hour, but I didn’t break down and take Xanax.

Casey had a doctor’s appointment after school for his 8-year checkup. It went pretty well. Nothing really any different to report. The doctor did suggest some bean recipes for kids online since Casey likes them.

I finally got back into Truckee. It’s just such a boring project, but it’s $9 per day I do it. Easy money and exactly the supplemental income I need. What prompted me to get to it was an email warning me that my production was low, and I risked being removed from the project.

I had to work at 8. I really didn’t want to, because it was with Brenda and I’d be there with my cane and ice pack. But, I need the money, so I wasn’t going to call out for any reason. It went surprisingly well. I was able to tolerate being on my feet throughout the shift and was able to get done what needed to get done.

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