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Update on the last few days…

I’d have to say that things yesterday did not go well for me, or us, at all…

When I got up, I saw the mail was getting here… so, I went to get it. There was a notice, mailed to us, that the home we are renting is being foreclosed on. We have to be out of here by August 13th. We found out that the homeowners have gone, or are going, through a nasty divorce, and decided that they were just going to not pay the mortgage. They were receiving our entire rent each month from Property Management, but did not put it towards the mortgage, as it was supposed to. Neither of them wanted the other to get anything out of this house, so they just didn’t pay the mortgage. Because of that, they have breached the lease agreement, and we have a nice little case against them if we decide to sue them. Well, we are. For the entire $4400 they have received from us, through the 3rd party of property management, because they did not use the money we sent them for what it was supposed to be used for, because of their immaturity. We can also sue them for moving expenses, either incurred from moving here, or incurred from moving after this, or both, I’m not sure. We’re going to be meeting with Legal Aid next week to being the law suit process. Never in my life did I expect to be filing a law suit against anybody!

Well, leading up to the wonderful news yesterday: I ran out of my anti-depressant and cigarettes both on Monday… so, I was having horrible withdrawals from both. I was almost 2/3 of the way through the nicotine withdrawals, the 3 day period of the physiological effects, but the medication withdrawals made it impossible for me to continue that fight. So, I bought cigarettes. And, I was able to get my medication yesterday too. So, I’m doing better today. I am going to quit smoking, but just couldn’t deal with that yesterday. I just wasn’t right.

Wednesday I had tried to call the IRS to find out why we haven’t gotten our federal return yet. The first lady I spoke with, after being on hold 10-15 minutes, was very rude, and basically made accusations as though I wasn’t who I said I was, or something to that effect. I got ticked and hung up on her, called back, and got a really nice lady who said that Dave would need to be the one to call. When he got home, he did. They asked a bunch of questions, to verify his identity, but his answers didn’t entirely match up with the file, so they told him we’d have to go to the local IRS office with identification to get this sorted out. So we did that on Thursday. We have to file an identity theft report, because somebody else used Dave’s social security number to file a return. They claimed $42,000-ish for income and received almost $6,000 back. I wish that was us! Most of the other information was correct, so it’s hard to tell if this was accidental or intentional. It could have been just a typo or something, and whoever processed it at the IRS didn’t do their job correctly to catch the mistake. Or, it could have been intentional, considering two things: 1) My purse was stolen twice about 5 years ago, and 2) There were all those records stolen or whatnot from the VA a few years back. Once we file the report with the police, we have to send a copy to the FTC and all 3 Credit Bureaus. It has to be reported for me as well, because I am on the “real” return with Dave. This oughtta be lovely!

After all we’re going through, we’ve concluded that nothing has gone right since we’ve lived in the F’Ville area. So, we want to move elsewhere ASAP. Either back to GA, or to IL. I’d go for either. I want out, he wants out, we just have to find our way out… and hopefully kinda soon.

Since we’ve been here: Dave hated the job that brought us here. It was with Lear Siegler, contracting company, and they laid off 100-ish people because other companies could do the same work quicker and cheaper, so they weren’t getting work to do. Although they offered Dave the same position on his last day, it would have been foolish to accept it, because there would have been absolutely NO job security, in an economy where job security is already hard enough to find. So, his first day at LaFayette Ford, I was on my way back from a party in the Charlotte area, and I got rear-ended… by the time I got home, I wanted to just sleep, because of the whip-lash, but our house had gotten broken into, and my $3,000 laptop was gone. One of the few times I hadn’t taken it with me, and that happened… Then, just when we think things are getting back to normal from that, Dave’s dad killed himself. We haven’t even begun to really sort through that, and now we have to find a place to move to in less than 2 months. And we haven’t gotten our federal return back because of either a mistake, or identity theft. We still haven’t gotten our settlement check for the damaged goods claim either. And, on top of all those reasons, the nearest Panera and Caribou are both an hour away, and there’s no free wi-fi in this town. So, give me one reason to STAY here… I mean, if there was at *least* a Panera, OR a Caribou, OR somewhere with free wi-fi, I *might* consider staying, even after all that other crap. But, enough is enough! I want out!

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