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Unnecessary drama!

So, I have made a few “friends” here at ye olde coffee shop. Some people who I’d like to get to know better, who I feel I can have a valuable friendship with. Unfortunately, the events of late prove that some people just can’t accept a person for their true selves. Last night, one of my “friends” came by here (coffee shop) with his girlfriend, and I cracked a joke with her, asking if she was into women. Apparently she thought I was trying to get in her pants, though we’d only just met, and therefore thought it was inappropriate for me to say, and it created a problem in their relationship. Earlier in the day he had told me they don’t really even like each other, so I don’t know what the big deal is, especially since it was intended as a joke anyway. Also, he’s still married, though separated, and he’s told me many times how much he wants to work things out with his wife because they do still love each other, she just didn’t want to accept the responsibility of motherhood. The entirety of the situation is confusing, baffling, and completely unnecessary drama that I refuse to allow into my life. If he really has a problem with me being myself, he isn’t a friend I really want in my life…

Do you guys ever check out my public blog (easily viewable at my web site)? I post some random stuff there, too… a little more (and different) than what I post here… I also post even more random and different things at my myspace.

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