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Turn that frown, UPSIDE DOWN!

Today’s been a rough day. I woke up later than I would have liked, feeling like I hadn’t slept much at all. Casey was difficult to get out of bed, crying all morning about being too tired to get up, too tired to get dressed, etc. etc. I had to bribe him with his chocolate jar cupcake for breakfast to even get him out from under his covers. I pretty much had to dress him. We were barely on time to school.

Once he was in school, I was a little better, albeit had quite a lot of tension in my head, tinnitus rather bad at times.

When he got home, I could tell by looking at his face, he was tired. I just wanted him to nap. He asked, at one point, if he could watch a movie on the big TV. I said no. Insert whining and fussing and defiance here and add to it mommy flipping the fuck out. Finally, he listened, we apologized to each other, and he went to eat his chicken nuggets that I thought he’d eaten an hour before. After that he said he didn’t know what to do and I suggested coloring, an educational worksheet, or mazes. He was excited by the mazes and got right to it.

A while later, he asked for the TV again, and this time I said yes, on the condition that he watch it from daddy’s recliner and try to take a nap. He begrudgingly obliged and fell asleep within the first 20 minutes of the movie.

I tried a lovely Pumpkin Spice Chai from DavidsTea, but it iddn’t help me relax. Eventually, it was time to cook dinner (chili).

Cooking this meal… honestly, with the way I’ve been today (erm, mother nature of the womanly variety showed up at some point, as well) it should have had me at my wit’s end. When I was certain I had bought red kidney beans, either they’ve been used by Dave in something else or I mistakenly bought pinto beans instead. And then I found the green pepper that I’d bought that was supposed to go in the jambalaya two nights ago, that I blamed Dave on using. So yeah, I should have been at my wit’s end cooking this meal. Instead, I turned it around, went with it, used the pinto beans (which I sometimes add to chili if it needs more beanage anyway) and the green pepper, as well as some minced garlic, and put it all in the chili. Gives it some pizazz! I spent the whole time cooking practically dancing (in a hobbly sort of way) and singing (quiety, so as not to wake Casey) “I’m so excited…”

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