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Tuesday & Wednesday

Tuesday, got up and got my latte, then got on SL to park while getting Casey up, dressed, and fed. Dropped him off at school, then headed back home. Took care of bill pay, but Dave got home. I think he must have had an appointment before work, he ended up going to work later. So, it took longer than it normally would to get that done.

Finances looked bleak, things were going to be really tight until we got paid again. I checked things over, and between us we’d spent $800 at Walmart and Aldi and another $200 at Amazon. That’s more than a bit nuts. I was stressed, but tried not to let it get me down.

Spent much of the day, after that, on SL with Colin. Had a bit of fun and then spent the rest of the day snuggling. That was nice.

Went and picked Casey up from school. He had a very quick trip to the bathroom, then got on Minecraft. I got on Minecraft with him, but then started having a panic attack.

Dave got home, and I went to take care of some dishes to distract myself from my anxiety. Dave started going off on me over the finances, blaming me for the problems. Even after I told him that we had both spent about the same on groceries and that it’d totaled $800, he still blamed me. For not working, for being lazy, for not correctly managing the finances. You name it, it was all my fault. I did not need this shit from him during a panic attack! The last thing he said as I was walking away was that he would not be taking me to his next duty station, but that’s something I’d already decided on myself a while back.

Dave went to the garage to work out, so I was able to talk to Colin for a bit to calm down, before he went to bed.

Finally was feeling a bit better. Tried to get back on Minecraft with Casey but I was exhausted at that point. I wanted to lay down, but he took over my bed to lay down and play Minecraft. It’s fine if he does that for a short while, but for too long and he starts complaining about various aches and pains.

Eventually it was time to get him ready for bed, so got him all snuggled in and then got on Portal Knights for a bit. I was really only on to do “chores” of tending plants for potions. Once that was done, I headed to bed. I was pretty exhausted from the anxiety of earlier.

Wednesday, got up and got my latte then got parked on SL while getting Casey up, dressed and fed. Dropped him off at school, then headed back home and got on Portal Knights for a bit more chores.

I was going to head out to go to the store, but I noted the time and remembered that Casey had wanted me to come for lunch one more time before the school year was done. I knew Thursday wouldn’t work, because he’d be at the swimming pool during that time. I double checked the time of my Therapy appointment for Friday, and it was during his lunch. So, it would have to be Wednesday.

Headed to the school and spent recess and lunch with him. He was super happy to have me there. I also got a big hug from Michael when I got there, and another before I left. That was so sweet!

They had a birthday lunch outside with the principal for birthdays that occurred during winter months or would occur over the summer. All but a couple people from Casey’s class were outside having lunch, so I was thankful I’d picked that day to have lunch with him.

Headed to Aldi after leaving the school to get a few groceries. I had to be careful with how much I spent. I got 2 soy milks, 1 chocolate milk, eggs, bread, chips for Casey’s luches, and a small pack of paper towels and spent less than $16. I call that a major success!

Headed back home, got the few groceries put away quick, then got on Portal Knights for a little while. Pretty much all I got done was putting stuff away from my alts questing the last time I’d been on her.

Went and picked Casey up from school, headed back home and got him on the toilet. Then he was ready for Minecraft, and wanted me to play with him. I was trying to get chores done and dinner cooked before going out to Daniel’s, so I had to tell him that and hope he didn’t get upset. He handled it well, though he did seem a bit sad about it.

Once my chores were done and I’d eaten dinner, it was a waiting game. Both for Dave to get home and Daniel to be ready for me to go over there. He said it would be about 8:30-ish though, so I started getting Casey ready for bed and then tucked him in.

Daniel had fallen asleep in his chair, but woke up a little before 9 and still wanted me to come over. He invited me to stay the night even! I headed on out to his place. I’d brought a couple movies we could watch, but he said he needed to be in bed by 11 so he could get up at 5 for work, so we just watched a bit of Star Trek instead. I was getting kinda into it, but he kept talking lol. I nearly told him to shut it. Finally it was nearing 11 and he was clearly ready for bed because he kept dozing off on the couch, so we made our way to bed. Had a bit of naughty time before crashing. I spent the night in his overly hot bedroom, snuggled in his arms, listening to his snoring, and I couldn’t have been happier.

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