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Tuesday & Wednesday

Slept the usual Monday night. Dave was still home when I got up. Just before he left for work, he started a load of laundry. He’d had clothes in the washer on Monday, and I hadn’t been able to get the rugs & towels in because of it. Now I couldn’t get them in again.

Got Casey up and off to school on time.

Trying to remember what we (Colin & I) did on Tuesday. I think we might have spent it on SL, but can’t for the life of me remember what we actually did. This is the problem with me not writing daily. I forget what goes on.

Ah, I just looked it up in the chat log, to see if there was anything to trigger my memory. We bought a weather system for our SL home. It’s pretty awesome, we can have it set to change the weather randomly at set intervals, or have it based off of RL weather in any zip code, things like that. Or just keep it static. We have it covering our entire land, which is a lot of space lol.

Made Tacos for dinner. I really didn’t want to cook, because my knee was still super store from the day before, but I didn’t really see an alternative. The only thing missing was cilantro. I don’t mind using the McCormick’s stuff. Used the white corn & chia seed shells Dave had ordered from the store we shopped at in Texas. They were alright.

After dinner, started a bath for Casey. He’d worn a stocking cap to school Monday and Tuesday and it made his head all sweaty and nasty.

When Dave got home, he saw fit to bitch at me about the towels I hadn’t gotten in the washer. We argued about the fact that he’d started a load of laundry before he left for work, and that I hadn’t bothered to text him to find out what to do with it. I’m so sick of the constant arguments. Neither of us are good at communicating, not just me and not just him.

Casey fell asleep curled up with Max on Dave’s bed, so all I had to do was transfer him to his own bed. That was about 8:40. That much I do remember, because I thought it was odd for him to fall asleep so early.

I know I spent the evening on Wiz. Looking in chat logs again to see if I mentioned anything about it lol. Don’t see anything. Shame. Shitty memory.

Got to bed about the normal time, that much I recall.

Didn’t sleep any better Tuesday night than I do any other night these days. Got up on time, though, and got Casey up on time and off to school on time.

In retaliation to Dave blowing $150 on a smart watch without consulting me, I put some money into both SL and Wiz.

Spent the day on SL again. Didn’t really do much, though. I’d specifically wanted to go somewhere where we (Colin & I) could meet new people. We kinda ended up just each doing our own thing. I did speak with our new neighbors a bit. We’ve said we’d like to have each other over to our respective places once they’re settled. Got complimented on our weather system.

Made chili in the crock pot for dinner, a big batch so I could freeze half. I left the meat out and cooked it separately later in the evening, so I could have some with mine but not force Dave to have any with his.

In the mid-afternoon I called the transportation office at the school to get Casey set up to start riding the bus to school, not just home. Turns out he’s just going to ride the regular bus with all the other kids!

After Dave got home, it was mentioned that Casey and I had put off, forgotten about or whatever, cleaning the fish tank again. So, we got right on it. We had a couple new things to put in their tank, so now we can change things up every now and then. The fish, James and Thomas, were stressed out for a little while afterward. They always are. But, they recovered.

Got Casey to bed earlier, at a more reasonable time really, so he could get up earlier to ride the bus the next day.

I spent some time on Wiz after getting him to bed, but not really doing much of anything in particular. I don’t want to quest on my Ice in the new world, because I’ve been max level for a while now and can’t get any more XP. But, I don’t really have it in me to continue questing on any of my low level characters yet either.

Got to bed earlier than usual, so I could get up earlier as well. I was falling asleep at the computer wrapping things up for the night.

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