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Tuesday & Wednesday

Got to bed better Monday night, still a bit later than I should have, though. Slept ok, about the same as usual. Woke up on time to get ready to take Casey to school, but he didn’t want to get out of bed because he’d stayed up too late the night before. Got him ready and off to school on time, though. He seemed a little uncertain about going, probably because of what happened the day before! I think he was really worried about getting sent to a strange place again.

Got dressed on SL and then hit Minecraft. Dave worked out in the garage gym and then invited me with him to a coffee shop. I said no again. I just wanted to be able to talk to Colin for a while. Colin got on Minecraft with me and we played together for a couple hours.

Picked up Casey from his school fine, headed home, and first thing he wanted to do was get on Minecraft. I couldn’t deny him lol. So, did that with him on and off the rest of the evening.

Got him to bed, later again than I would have liked because he had to try to go to the bathroom and was in there forever. Once he was tucked in, I got back on Minecraft with Autumn. We ended up doing some exploring, but I started falling asleep en route to where I was headed, so we logged off where we were.

Slept ok I guess, woke up a little later than I would have liked though. Still got dressed and got Casey up and dressed on time. Got him off to school ok. He didn’t seem nearly as nervous, probably because things went fine the day before.

Got dressed on SL and then hit Minecraft. Dave did the same as the day before, he worked out in the garage gym and then invited me out for coffee. I said no, again.

While Dave was working out in the garage, I talked to Colin and we played Minecraft together. Just as well, since he was ready for bed before Dave was even done working out. I did tell him, that I wondered if I should accept Dave’s invitation next time. He asked 3 days in a row, and I said no each day. I wonder if he’s extending some sort of olive branch to me, trying to spend time with me, and I always turn him down. We agreed that if Dave asked me again Thursday, I’d say yes. Sure, I’d like to spend time talking to Colin, but I also need to spend time with Dave if he’s being nice. Try to work things out with him.

So, I continued playing Minecraft until it was time to pick Casey up from school. But then, of course, Casey wanted to play Minecraft when he got home, so we did that together.

Had physical therapy at 3:45. I asked Casey if he wanted to go with me or stay home with Dave, and he picked going with me. I had a re-evluation for the insurance, and I have full range of motion in my knee again! So that’s great, I can bend and straighten at will, but it’s tiring to do so, and weight-bearing is extremely hard on me. My physical therapist said that once we rebuild strength in my muscles, it should ease my weight-bearing problems. I hope so!

Came back home and Dave was sitting in the garage after having mowed the lawn. I put together the ab trimmer I’d gotten a while back. Then headed back inside. I’d left out the tool and instructions, absent-mindedly, and Dave fruited out on me about it.

Dave made vegetarian enchiladas for dinner. They were alright, but I want my meat damnit! After I was done eating, I told Dave it was a good dinner and thanked him for cooking. His response was that he didn’t cook it for me, because I have frozen dinners to eat, but I ate it anyway. Bastard. Makes me not want to spend time with him!!

After dinner I got back on Minecraft with Casey for a little while. I was trying to get an achievement where you trade 30 emeralds, that took forever. Finally got it, though.

Got Casey to bed at a more reasonable time, then got back to Minecraft. Autumn got on with me for a while, and she was heading home from her adventure from the night before. When she got home and saw all the stone I’d left for her for the big bridge she’s building to the Mesa, she got all pissy. That it’s too much. That it’s not organized. This, that, and the other. I was still trying to trade more stuff for emeralds, so I just ignored her. When I got too tired to go on, I headed home quick and signed off, then got ready for bed.

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