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Tuesday, & Wednesday

Got to sleep ok Monday night after Autumn and I were both dozing while working on her quests. Forgot to set my alarm, but got up in time. I had a phsyical therapy appointment at 11am. I had time for coffee before I had to go, so checked the gardens on Wiz as well. Realized once I logged in that I’d forgotten to change into my energy set the night before. Shame, that’s a lot of energy I could have had that I didn’t.

Physical therapy went ok. There was a student working with Katie, and he sure is a cutie! Lol. Which, actually, only made me feel more awkward and self-conscious because I have to constantly see myself in the mirror there and I hate the way I look. Anyway, went through the usual exercises, doing as much as I felt I could handle. The idea is to keep working up to the point of pain, learning when the pain starts, and trying to keep on working, as long as the pain doesn’t continue or get worse. Easier said than done.

After physical therapy we just went home. Casey was on the Nintendo at physical therapy, so he kept playing on that. I ended up getting on DDO with Colin. I wasn’t expecting to, because it was later in the day, but he wanted to. I ended up finding an awesome wand from the auction house in our new Guild’s airship. It was called an Eternal Wand of Magic Missile. I have a spell I love to use called Magic Missile that does a lot of damage, but the wand uses cost me no spell points whereas casting my spell does. So it’s a great way to save my spell points. Once I’d gotten my wand, we worked on our quest in Korthos Island some more. We had to kill so many bad guys in the main part to complete the quest and get the most XP we could for that quest line.

Once Colin went off for the day, later than he has been lately, I got on Wiz and worked on training a pet. I had been using an Ice Floe Siren, and she’s been awesome, but she had a couple talents I wasn’t crazy about that she’d gotten from hatching with another pet I had. So, I had another Ice Floe Siren, I was working on training her up so I could get rid of the talents I wasn’t crazy about.

I also worked on moving my plants to my Botanical Gardens house. I’d gotten all the plots placed Monday night, but had to actually move the plants, as they reached their final harvest and energy allowed.

When Dave got home from work, he asked something about Chinese. I had just eaten a chinese themed lean cuisine or whatever it was, so thought he was asking about my food. No, he wanted to go get Chinese takeout, but I’d just heated up something to eat. I told him we could still order chinese, and I would just save most of mine, but he said no we’d wait until Wednesday.

I gifted Autumn an energy elixir, it was either for her to fish or garden or train her pet, I can’t remember. She never received the elixir, so I gifted her another one. She received both of them at the same time, then. But then after she relogged at one point the one disappeared again. I ended up contacting customer support when she didn’t receive the one the first time, so I was keeping her up to date on what they said, and them up to date on what she said.

Meanwhile, Dave was still talking about the cars he was looking at. I ended up asking him at one point if he was sure he wanted to buy a car right now, because with $35,000 in credit card debt plus another $15,000 for a car, we’d end up with $50,000 in total debt. And if we still divorce, neither of us could afford to split that. Especially me, since I don’t have a job right now. He said he’s happy to continue living as we are right now, because it gives Casey a good home. Ok. I need things to continue as they are for another 3 1/2 years anyway, so I can keep Tricare. It’s the best health insurance out there, in my opinion.

Got Casey to bed on time, he’d wrapped up his evening watching stuff on the Roku downstairs.

After we were both happy with where our energy levels were, we decided to do the Fantastic Voyage Gauntlet at my house. Neither of us had done it before. The first parts went nice and easy, which they should for being the mid-tier level I’d set it at. The boss was super annoying, though. He had an annoying voice, kept putting shields up any time we either used blades or an attack, making the fight drag on. Then we’d defeated him but not the minions, and a round or so later when the minions were both almost defeated he came back and we had to start him from scratch. We finally defeated him again, and at the end of the quest were rewarded with a fishing luck elixir. I wanted to gift her another energy elixir just for that, but decided we could always do it another time on a lesser difficulty just for the purpose of fishing.

Once we were done with the Guantlet, we both went to bed.

Slept ok Tuesday night, and was relieved to not have to get up early on Wednesday. This week and next are kinda busy with appointments.

Got my coffee and got on SL to park, then got on Wiz to tend my gardens. Heard from Colin right away, so after I was done with my gardens I got on DDO with him.

We worked on Korthos Island some more, trying to finish up the last of the one task. By the time we were done, I noticed my amazing wand was missing. I contacted support about that. Also, even though we finished the quest, there’s not a “finish” button. Not sure if it’s a bug?

I was ready to level up at that point, so I did and allocated my training points the way I wanted. Got 20 more spell points out of it. That’s good for, like, one magic missile.

Colin went off for the day a bit earlier than Tuesday. Once he was off, I headed downstairs to “fluff” my laundry in the dryer. I ended up having to clean up the litter box again, because Max keeps going outside it when it’s not cleaned to his satisfaction. He’d peed and pooped outside it this time. I got most of it cleaned up, but would have to ask Dave to get the newspaper underneath changed out. After scooping the litter box, I went ahead and took care of the dishes.

Got on Wiz and went through my homes, checking the gardens, and my white tiger lilies were bug infested yet again. It seems like every time I check on them, they have bugs of some sort. If one has bugs, they all get treated at the same time. I need a higher level spell to repel the higher level bugs, but I don’t have it and am not high enough gardening level to get it. So it costs me 20+ energy every time I go near those plants, and that’s a significant chunk. Autumn got on as well, and was able to redeem the missing energy elixir at last.

I’d had cereal for lunch, and lunch at about 3, but was still starving by 4:30 and just waiting for Dave to get home so we could order Chinese. He finally got home around 5:30, and then went to sit on the toilet for a while. I was on Wiz with Autumn doing some farming, so we just kept at that for a while. We’d worked on a boss called Oakheart, and then another one called the Jade Oni, both of those are in a world called Mooshu. We came up with a couple of the wooden skeleton keys I needed, so we used them on Ra, the boss that drops the Mote of Severity I need to craft more of my deck. Then Dave got in the shower, so we went to farm another boss, Nightshade, a bit because he drops keys as well and we’d need a LOT more. By the time Dave was out of the shower, we were both so sick of farming we needed a break from Wiz altogether. I had a feeling Autumn would want more of a break from it than me, that’s just the difference between me and most people.

I heard from the doctor’s office shortly after Dave got home from work. It was my general doctor, calling about my last female exam. About a year and a half ago, my test came back showing I had HPV. They said not to worry about it, usually it doesn’t show up at the next exam. I was pretty sure I hadn’t been with anybody but Dave between my last exam and that one. Anyway, so I recently had another one. Still have HPV. The doctor wants to do a scope and biopsy, to test for cervical cancer and the cause of the HPV. Fun. I also have some bacteria, God knows where from, so she prescribed an oral antibiotic. I need to research this antibiotic, because she said that if I have any amount of alcohol whatsoever, even cough syrup, it’ll make me “puke my guts out” (her words). Not that I intend to drink while on it, but I can’t imagine it would react well with my other medications. I’m not going to risk it if there’s even the slightest chance of an interaction.

Dave ordered the Honey Chicken for dinner and I ordered the Chicken with Cashew Nuts. I was pretty happy with mine, but prefer the Almond Chicken. Dave liked his as well. We’re never dissatisfied with Peking. Just like when we lived in the Quad Cities, we were never dissatisfied with Ming Wah.

After dinner, I checked to see if I heard anything back from DDO about the missing wand. I also looked up the wand and discovered that it came from a quest line that was optional and had to be purchased. So, while I was on, I tried to see if we’d bought that one. I think we had, because I was able to take the quest for it.

I went ahead and got in the shower, since I knew I wouldn’t be able to take one after my appointments Thursday. Afterward, I got Casey to bed. Then I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do something on Wiz or find something else to do. I kinda wanted to do a dungeon called the House of Scales, because the boss there also drops the Motes I need. Autumn actually needs to do that dungeon because she has a quest for it. I mentioned to her I might see if anyone needed help with it, and she said she would want to do it. I told her that was fine, I just didn’t want to pressure her into getting back on Wiz if she needed a break from it. She said she was just going to go pick up her friend, grab dinner, and then be on. By the time she got back, I was just heading to bed.

Autumn and I did talk a bit about their finances at one point. Not that I’m necessarily the best person to ask, since I do have more than my fair share of debt, but I did suggest they maybe try grocery shopping at Aldi. She said they shop at Walmart because of Jordan’s 10% employee discount. I said it was still pricey, even with the employee discount. She said they also shop there because they like to shop when it’s not busy, in the middle of the night. I suggested that maybe, sometime, they try shopping at Aldi anyway. I think it could help them save quite a bit of money. Also, she’d mentioned that they buy, for instance, the variety packs of the small bags of chips. I mentioned that was more expensive than buying the bigger bags of chips, but she said something about her dad. I also had to mention that if they’d spend even just a tiny bit less on games each pay check, it would help them a lot.

Oh, before bed, while waiting on Autumn, I ended up doing some reading. It was a nice change, but it didn’t take long to make me sleepy.

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