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Tuesday & Wednesday

After a while longer of Minecraft Monday night, I went ahead and got into bed. Slept ok I guess, got up on time, got Casey off to school.

Got my coffee, got on SL to park, Wiz to garden, and DDO for the dice roll. I still checked Aura Kingdom, but didn’t stay on long. All I really did was re-list stuff on the auction house.

Colin said something about getting on SL to get dressed, so I ended up changing clothes on there as well. We ended up doing a few things while chatting, which led to talking again about the possibility of me doing gigs at the shop, which somehow led to us converting his storefront into a club. We worked on that together until it was time to go off for the day, and I continued working on it throughout the rest of the evening and into the night.

One of the first things we did was trade out a car we had parked with two that were rezzers, meaning that other people can snag a copy to drive around. One of them was a golf cart, and the other a convertible beatle. They cost a little more land impact, but we agreed that’d be totally worth it.

When I got Casey off the bus, he looked pissed. I asked him what was going on, and he said Chip threatened to punch his friend in the throat. Further questioning by both me and Courtney determined that Casey’s friend wasn’t being very nice to Mick, and Chip got defensive of his brother by making the threat. We tried to assure Chip that Casey wasn’t taking sides, while assuring Casey that Chip wasn’t really going to punch his friend, despite Chip insisting that he would. Then we parted ways. Casey wanted me to get on Minecraft with him, and I kept promising that I would, but the time just got away from me.

For dinner I made blackened salmon with pasta salad and barbeque seasoned brussel sprouts. It was pretty darn good! Dave ate hardly anything, as is his usual these days it seems like.

Got Casey to bed on time, then resumed my SL shop make-over.

Got to bed later than I wanted, and then had a lot of trouble falling asleep. I didn’t sleep very well even when I did get to sleep, and had trouble getting out of bed in the morning because I was finally sleeping. But, I managed, and got Casey up and off to school.

Got my coffee, got on SL to park, got on Wiz to garden and DDO to do the dice roll. Skipped Aura Kingdom altogether. Then I got back on SL, changed, and headed back to the shop/club to resume working on it.

Colin joined me and we got things wrapped up pretty early on. We admired our work, and then did some other things on SL together before it was time to get Casey from the bus.

I sent out another email to all the other Lion Den parents, just a copy and paste of the first that I only got one response back from. I got a response from another parent later in the evening saying they’d get in touch with me the next day. If we don’t get enough participation for the Show & Sell, idk what we’ll do. We have to do one, but I can’t seem to get all the parents on the same page. I think we should just start holding votes when it comes to nailing down dates, times, and locations.

When I went to pick up Casey, Courtney told me she’d gotten a call from Mr. Wolf about Mick and Chip getting into some sort of fight at school, which resulted in her taking away all their toys. When she takes away the toys, though, they actually vanish! Not a bad idea, except what matters to Casey is his electronics and those pretty much do vanish when he gets in trouble.

Casey was in a much better mood. We headed back to the house, he got on the toilet and went to the bathroom after a little while, and then he got on Minecraft. He wanted me to get on there with him, but I didn’t really feel like it. But I did anyway for a bit, and got to see his world. He was in the Nether when I got there, so I went after him and ended up making a path from the Nether Fortress in his world to where he was building something there.

I was back doing other things on the computer again, when he said he was going to go into my world for a bit. I was like, oh ok that’s fine. Then he’s freaking out because somehow he managed to teleport to BELOW the bedrock! He can’t even TP. Like, at all. So, idk how that happened. I ended up having to get on to TP him to me so he would be free. I ended up staying on to put up a beacon.

Got him to bed on time and ended up watching an episode of Harlots. I was thinking of what else I may want to do, but I was exhausted so I just went to bed, and it was only about 10:15.

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