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Tuesday & Wednesday

Tuesday was better, because Dave ended up going to work.

Got up, got my latte while getting parked on SL and getting Casey up, dressed, and fed. Dropped him off at school, then came back home and got on Conan with Colin. Played on there on and off throughout the day.

Made tacos for dinner, as it was Tuesday. They were yummy despite missing avocado. Dave actually ate what I made for a change. I’m still planning to stop cooking again once I get through these here recipes I have ingredients for.

Stayed up too late playing Conan, was up until probably about midnight. Oh well, I’ll catch up on sleep eventually.

Wednesday, got up and got my latte, got parked on SL, got Casey up, dressed, and fed. As I was heading to drop him off at school, Dave asked if I could pick him up at the auto shop where he was dropping off his car. So, I did. Only got to talk to Colin for a few.

Got back home and got on Conan for a while. When it got close to lunch-time, Dave got a call from the shop that his car was ready, so we went to pick it up. He asked if I wanted to go to lunch at this place down the road from it that we hadn’t tried yet, so I agreed. It was pretty tasty. I had broccoli cheddar soup and a caramel latte, and we shared a mocha cookie. The cookie was heavenly.

Had to go to the store as soon as I got Casey back home from school, so I got to talk to Colin for a bit.

I tried on a pair of reading glasses at Walmart and let Colin see, because I intend to replace the lens with a prescription in a couple weeks. He said they looked good. I really REALLY liked the ones I found on Amazon, though, so I decided to wait on buying a pair at Walmart.

After that, as I was walking through the store, I got super dizzy and forgot a couple things I needed. I attributed it to the extra coffee and trying on reading glasses that in no way match my prescription.

Made it back home with what I needed, safe and sound, and got back on Conan for a bit longer. Well, more than a bit. I ended up staying up until about midnight again doing stuff on there.

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