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Tuesday & Wednesday

Tuesday, got up, got my latte and parked on SL while getting Casey up, dressed, and fed. He was taking his sweet time, so actually ate his breakfast while we were on the way to the school to drop him off. Just before leaving, I got a text from Daniel about getting together. Colin was going to an art thing anyway, so heck ya!

Once Casey was dropped off, I headed back home and worked out the details with Daniel. I checked Aura Kingdom while we texted back and forth. He didn’t mind if we were at his place or mine, and I didn’t either, so ultimately I just invited him over. I got in the shower to be clean and fresh for when he’d get there.

Had an amazing time with Daniel. I’m not going into detail, but at one point, I was getting ready to do something and he said “I love you, too.” I know for a fact that he said that. My ears did not deceive me like the time when it sounded like he’d said “I’m looking for forever.” I wanted to say stuff about what he’d said, but, I don’t want to scare him off if I was just taking things out of context. I’m from the south (well, spent most of my life there) and people say that all the time with different “meanings.” I just don’t want to screw this up.

After he was gone, I got on Conan to refresh the bases, and then got on Minecraft. Colin was still at the art thing and I hadn’t heard from Autumn yet, so I just went about doing my own thing for a bit.

Autumn must have seen that I was playing Minecraft, because she joined the world while I was playing. We spent a lot of time going over mods together, deciding which to keep and which we weren’t happy with. While we were doing that, Colin got back from his art thing.

He told me how it went and about the people he’d met, but he’d said he mostly just kept quiet and to himself. I hope he’s able to get out of his shell a bit and socialize.

Went and picked Casey up from school and had him sit on the toilet when we got home. The usual routine.

Once Casey was done on the toilet, I wrapped things up with Colin then started cooking dinner. It was Taco Tuesday.

After dinner, it was back to Minecraft with Autumn, and Casey. Played on there throughout the rest of the night, with the exception of when it was time to get Casey to bed.

I breaked at one point to send an email to the other parents in Cub Scouts about Cub Hibernation at the Children’s Museum. In doing so, I noticed that Leanne was no longer listed, as a leader or even involved in the pack at all. So, I sent an email to Scott, the Cub Master, about that and exchanged a few emails over the course of the evening, working out some things about them as well as about Cub Hibernation.

Stayed up later than I wanted, but wasn’t really sleepy yet, and then had a lot of trouble getting to sleep once I finally laid down. Needless to say, I woke up feeling pretty crappy. But, I somehow managed to get out of bed earlier than usual.

Got my latte and got parked on SL while getting Casey up, dressed, and fed. HE got out of bed earlier than he had been as well, which was nice.

Came back home and checked things on Aura Kingdom, and then hopped on Minecraft.

I tested to see if the backpacks we were using would eventually respawn at the origin point after teleporting, and it did for me. So, we went together to try and find the backpack she’d lost a couple days back. We couldn’t find it, but took the opportunity to reload on supplies to take to the new place. We agreed to take the long way back. If we get tired of walking and want to teleport, we can drop the backpack, TP, empty our inventory of stuff, TP back and grab the stuff out of the backpack, “kill” it, and TP back home.

Autumn and I talked about how things had been going with the World versus playing on a Realm, which led to me working on uploading the world to the Realm I have to see if the Mods will work. It takes ages, though, so I got my chores done as well as my free book & paid emails while waiting. Then I started typing this, and will work on it up until bedtime, as I’ve done a few times in the past.

I was talking to Colin, yet another day (3 in a row now) of him not wanting to play what I want to play, so instead he plays Conan, and we barely talk. That’s so frustrating. He refuses to play Wiz, probably won’t play Aura Kingdom, says he can’t face Minecraft and we may as well destroy the hovel he built, and has said he can’t be bothered playing DDO again because he can’t remember how and would need to recreate his character to figure out (for God knows what reason), which he knows will annoy me. And when we first got on the call, he’d talked about stuff he’d done in the morning (his time) that I’d wanted to do with him today that I knew he wouldn’t be able to do since he’d done it in the morning. So when he told me he wanted to do said thing on SL with his alt, I was super pissed. And I said as much, a while after hanging up on him. And his response was something to the effect of me being available at Daniel’s beck and call and him being left to the wayside like a leper. What the fuck ever, man. He knows the reason we have no sex life is partly (maybe even primarily) because he won’t stop making sexual comments and “jokes.” It’s, like, 75% of what comes out of his mouth. He genuinely thinks he’s funny, but it just puts me off. We’ve had that talk before. And yet he still goes on about it. And then when he takes care of things himself he claims he can’t get in the mood again until, God knows, 24 hours later? But he can make himself in the mood for his Barbie-like alt on SL?!?! Gee, thanks! Ass hole.

Picked Casey up from school and had him get on the toilet, as per usual.

Finally got the world uploaded to the realm and… the mods don’t work in it. I guess it’s because you can’t enable experimental gameplay in a realm. That’s a shame, the few mods we have are very nice and, quite frankly, I don’t want to give them up just to have a realm again. It sucks that nobody else can play in the world unless I’m online, but, it works.

So, recap, I’d teleported to our first base location for one reason or another, can’t even remember because so much has gone on since. I’d forgotten to remove my backpack before teleporting, and had lost it on landing. When I went back to the snow-base, the bag was where I’d been when I’d teleported. So, Autumn and I TP’d to the first base to look for her backpack again. We couldn’t find it, but picked up other things we wanted to bring home and also grabbed some new backpacks (they’re EVERYWHERE in the world now, in mass quantities!) and made the long journey, walking/sailing, home. Stopped in a couple villages and a couple temples when we were closer to home.

The whole time we were journeying home, Casey was bugging me about a couple things. He wanted me to help him with something at the first base location, but also wanted me to bring him to the snowy area so he could build here. I told Autumn we should scout out a spot for him, block it off with iron fences, and put in a rail system leading from our snow-base to his snow-base. Close enough to include him, but far enough that if he builds something that’s not pleasant to look at, we don’t have to see it up close. But that would have to wait until after we got back “home” and also after getting him to bed.

Got Casey ready for bed, but he wanted Dave to read to him. So while they were reading, I got the dishes mostly taken care of, as well as getting myself leftover taco stuff in the form of a salad since we didn’t have any shells left over.

Back on Minecraft with Autumn. I’d installed a grave stone mod that she’d found, and wanted to test it out. But, when we’d gotten home, our cats were invisible, and she suggested maybe that’s what caused it. So, I removed the mod, and the cats were visible again.

I’ve been working on typing this some more, but am going to get back to Minecraft. First thing will be putting away loots from our journey. Then, going to try and fix some iron doors that aren’t opening with buttons like they should, and also scout out a base location for Casey. Hopefully we’ll have time to chill, or even check Aura Kingdom for a bit before it’s time for me to go to bed.

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