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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

I spent the better part of the day on Second Life but did get laundry done and made a trip to Walmart for some groceries as well.

I got a call from Casey’s principal at the end of the day, telling me about an incident at recess. Casey was trying to get his friends to play a “cat” game a certain way but pitched a fit when they wouldn’t play it his way. After a while of the dying cockroach, he finally explained that to her. She was glad he’d opened up to her, but I was pissed that I’d gotten word of another fit at school. I guess it’d be another week without electronics added to his punishment.

He had an appointment for therapy with Faith after school. It went pretty well, but it was obvious he has no idea how to calm himself down in stressful situations or when things make him angry. We’ll need to spend some time focusing on that because it’s out of control with him pitching fits at school like he does.

I let him watch some shows on the Roku after dinner, and I kept playing around on Second Life. I went to bed about an hour after tucking him in, exhausted from 2 consecutive nights of little sleep.

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