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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

I picked Greg up from his house and took him to work at KFC. He was still asleep when I got there, and eventually, I got bold and knocked on the door. He answered and said he’d be out in a minute. It was so weird though, knocking on his door. Why?? I guess just because I’ve never been invited inside because he’s embarrassed about where he lives.

I headed back home and just messed around on Facebook until it was time to pick Casey up from school.

I picked Greg up from KFC when he was done with work and dropped him back off at his place. Casey and I headed home, where I continued with just messing around on Facebook while Casey played on his Switch and phone.

Later at night, Greg and I were talking on the phone since he couldn’t come over, and he told me not to be afraid to call him anytime. It’s kinda crazy that he had to tell me that just because the last two guys I was with made me feel like I couldn’t really call them.

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