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Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Greg woke me up around 6am asking how to use the coffee maker. I gave him instructions but stayed in bed for a while.

We dropped Casey off at school together, then headed to Greg’s so he could change for work. We stopped by my work so he could get his coffee, then I dropped him off at his work.

I headed back home and spent the morning working on my free book & paid emails and then messing around on Facebook. I was hungry for one of the new chicken sandwiches from KFC, so I texted Greg that I was on my way to get a sammich. When I got to the window, I asked if Greg was busy. He told me to do as much any time I go there for food, that he would give me his discount. Greg referred to me as his “significant other” and said to give me his discount, so I got half off my food.

I stopped by the liquor store for some cigarettes. I need to stop smoking AND vaping. I need to be vaping exclusively. But I can’t seem to resist the temptation. I also picked up some spiked Cherry Limeades. Then I headed to the laundromat to get quarters for the rest of the cash I had on me, which was $25. I headed back home and ate my food, then went and picked Casey up from school.

Greg was already done with work, so we went and picked him up and I dropped him off at his house. Casey and I headed back home. He asked me if he could get on his electronics, so I asked him how his feelings had been throughout the day. He gave me a thumbs down and told me about an incident that happened during ESS. He’d been trying to ask the ESS teacher something, but the ESS teacher ignored him and he started to cry. He ended up in Mr. Wolff’s office but wasn’t sure for how long. I sent an email to Mr. Wolff and told Casey we’d just have to wait for a response. If he spent a couple hours in there, he didn’t need to have his electronics for very long. We’d need to talk more about his feelings. I can’t blame him entirely for this incident, because I’d have been upset too if my question went ignored.

After getting Casey’s dinner for him, I got ready to get in the shower. I told Casey that he could have his electronics after he was done eating. When I got out of the shower, he was still not on them. He said he wanted to make sure I knew he was done eating before he got on them. So he got on his Switch, and I ended up getting on Black Desert. Greg and I talked a bit about him possibly coming over at some point, but he was planning to go to Tim’s for a while first. Since I knew I had time, Shawn and I went to grind trees for a while. I was falling asleep at my desk towards the end, barely able to maintain enough focus to fight the mobs, so I let them know I was going to go to bed.

I let Greg know I was going to lay down, but that he could call if he wanted and that he was still welcome to come over even though I was going to bed. We talked on the phone for a bit, and he told me he was waiting for a cab to go to Tim’s for a while and to keep my phone near me. I always do when he’s not there with me, anyway. We got off the phone and I went to sleep, and never got another text or call from him.

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