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Woke up earlier than I had been again, I thank the time change for that! Got Casey up early as well. Got him dressed, fed, and dropped off at school. I didn’t see Daniel’s mom at the school that time, don’t know if she was dropping Michael off or if he was or what.

Went back home, got my coffee, got on SL to park, and then got on Wiz to check the gardens. Chatted with Colin for a while before it was time to go to Therapy.

Therapy went really well. Talked with Lisa about everything that’d been bothering me the last couple weeks. Told her all about Daniel and what’s been going on with that. She gave her insight, which basically was that something’s going on with him, but I’m new and he doesn’t really know me yet so I’m not a high priority. I wish I was new in the sense of new and shiny lol, but I’ll just need to relax and let things lead where they may. For my homework this time, I am to come up with all the reasons why I am awesome. My first thought is that there were none, so yeah this will be an interesting homework. We’re going to work on my self-esteem. Dave’s just brought it down over the last 16 years.

After therapy, I went back home and worked on my free book & paid emails while chatting with Colin again. Then we had an interview to do with someone on SL, so we breezed through that.

After the interview, we got on Fallout ’76 for the beta test. The graphics are gorgeous, and my computer handled the gameplay pretty well. I was enjoying it pretty well. Colin had said that, if it worked well and I liked it, he’d buy it for me as an early Christmas gift. He’s amazing!

Once the beta period for Fallout was done, Colin got on Conan while I just kinda scrolled through Facebook waiting for it to be time to pick up Casey from school.

So, I got to school to pick Casey up. I always get there pretty early and sit in my car, waiting for it to be closer to the time when the bell would ring. Once I headed up near the building, I got a text from Daniel, saying he’s been super busy but would be in town that night and Friday. I sent a quick reply, but then felt a presence behind me. I turned around, and there he was! I about jumped out of my skin at the sight of him, and hurriedly told Colin I’d call him back. We chatted for a few minutes, waiting for the kids to get out. Turns out, Leanne had gone down to Florida with her new boyfriend, without telling anybody until Monday morning. That’s pretty shitty. The boys came out and played for a couple minutes while we chatted a bit more, then we all headed back to our cars.

I called Colin back, and was having to do breathing exercises to calm down. It wasn’t like I was going to see any more of Daniel that day. My luck, he only texted me because he’d just seen me walk to my car and felt guilty.

Once we got back to the house, I had Casey get on the toilet, and I went and took care of the dishes and litter box. I needed to get my mind off of Daniel. He has no idea the effect he has on me, and would probably run screaming for the hills if he did know.

Got on Conan with Colin after I was done with the bit of chores. We did a bit of fighting and worked on the “Journey” a bit, which is kind of like our quests. He had some Journey steps completed that I didn’t, so that would explain some of our level discrepancies.

Got Casey off the toilet around 4:30, he went and watched stuff on his tablet so I just stayed on with Colin. Then Dave got home around 5, so Colin and I said our goodbyes. One day Dave will know about Colin and I’ll feel a little more comfortable with at least taking a bit more time to get off the call. I hate rushing goodbyes.

Dave asked what was for dinner, and I told him leftovers. He was like, “Did we have leftovers for your birthday?” He wanted to go get Chinese. I looked at the finances and did some calculations to see where things would stand if we went out to eat. He wasn’t comfortable with cutting it that close, so leftovers it was.

After dinner, Casey wanted to play Monopoly, so we did that. It was pretty nice.

Then I went ahead and took my first set of pills, scrolled through Facebook for a little while, and finally got in the shower.

After my shower, I sent a quick text to Daniel asking when I could see him again, and then I continued my Facebook scrolling until it was time to get Casey ready for bed. Got him to get his PJs on and brushed his teeth, then read to him and tucked him in.

After Casey was tucked in, I got on Conan and did a bit of gathering and some killing to try and gain XP, but I wasn’t getting enough.

I was getting tired around 9:30, so I went ahead and shut everything down for the night and went to bed.

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