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Woke up with a very snuggly puppy, early as usual. Got up and got my latte while the computer booted, and got dressed quickly so I could let her outside. She ran all over the yard, and I worried a bit that she would go too far and I’d have to chase her down with my bad leg. But, she didn’t. I did end up letting her back in the front door when I’d let her out the back, but I can handle that lol.

Got parked on SL and got Casey up, dressed, and fed. Dropped him off at the middle school a little early, letting him know he’d be playing on the playground for a bit because I had to take my car back to the shop for more work.

Dropped my car off at the shop and got a ride home from the owner’s wife. Worked on my free book & paid emails as they came in. After a little while, I got a call from the shop letting me know what they thought was going on. They said it was operating correctly for them, so they were not able to properly diagnose it, but that the misfire code it was giving was for the #2 fuel injector and that they did see the connector there was a little loose, so they recommended replacing both. I asked about a timeline for the repair, since I had to pick Casey up at 1:50. They said the part was coming from La Crosse and wouldn’t be in until 1pm, but that it’d be done by the end of the day. We discussed the options for being able to get the repair done and me still get Casey on time. I was tempted to just schedule another time to go in and get the work done, so that they would have the part and I wouldn’t have to worry about the timing of things. I also told them I would need to talk to Dave about it, since he knew more about those things than I did.

Called Dave and he wasn’t thrilled about the idea of putting the repairs off because it’d be over a week and my car was running bad. He asked about me just getting a loaner car from them, so I called them back and asked about that. They did have a car I’d be able to use for the rest of the day, so that I could get Casey and the repair done with the least amount of stress involved. The owner’s wife came and picked me up and brought me to the shop to get the loaner car, then I headed back home.

Hung around the house for a while and ended up getting on Minecraft with Cyn, but we were both distracted with other things and neither of us really knew what to do. I spent the time fishing and grazing on some pancakes I made. I couldn’t even finish them, which was odd.

Finally heard from Colin, so we got on a call.

A little after noon, I ended up getting a message from Daniel asking if I could swing by his place, because he thought people were trying to steal from him. I rushed over and checked things out. Everything looked normal, but something felt off. Maybe it was just my imagination. I waited a few minutes to see if he wanted me to check anywhere in particular, but he must have been busy with work, so I headed home.

On the way home, talking with Colin about things, he made a comment about being concerned about me staying at his house that night, and then said, “But I guess that’s what you get for hanging around junkies.” Strangely, I didn’t get upset right away, but I spent a while thinking about what he’d said and decided it’d be best for he and I to take a break for at least a few days. With everything going on with Daniel, things have been feeling increasingly tense between us, and I thought it would be a good idea to call a break before either of us snapped.

Went and picked Casey up and brought him back home. He was on the toilet when he ended up calling for me and said he’d gotten sick. I started having a panic attack immediately, despite the constant rationalizations I was doing for all the reasons he could be sick, and all the reasons I wouldn’t be likely to get sick. I eventually concluded that he probably ate a bunch of crap over the weekend, didn’t drink enough water, and spent too much time outside in the heat, all enough to give him an upset stomach.

He got sick one more time, and then complained of a headache. I knew he’d need to start pushing water, so I made him some with powerade flavoring in it. He laid on his bed resting, watching stuff on his tablet until it ran out of time, and then I brought his computer in there for him. I was still feeling very anxious, and also irritated at Dave because he’s the one who let this happen.

After Casey got sick a second time, I hurried to get a shower in. I was still planning to go to Daniel’s that evening, at least to drop Princess off and see him, but probably would still stay the night. I kinda felt like, Dave caused this so he can deal with it. While I’d been in the shower, the shop called saying my car was ready and if I could get there as soon as possible to switch the loaner out for mine, the guy that would be using the loaner the next day was already there waiting. I called them back and let them know Casey was sick, and that I’d get there when I got there. The wife ended up bringing my car to the house and picked up the loaner, so that I wouldn’t have to worry about it and they’d get their loaner back for the next customer.

Dave got home and I let him know what’d been going on with Casey. He showed a minimal amount of concern, then went out to mow the lawn.

Daniel still hadn’t been back on Facebook messenger and it had been several hours, and it was nearing time for me to head to his place. I suspected that he was still at work, and worried that if I didn’t just go as planned he’d claim exhaustion and me and Princess would be left to our own devices again. So, I grabbed a bag with a few things to take with, and headed over with her.

I wasn’t at his place long before I started feeling sleepy, the xanax I’d taken earlier was taking effect. I was dozing on and off on his couch, but hearing a ping from Facebook woke me a bit. He’d finally checked his messages, and sent me a pick of himself. He looked good, but he did look tired as well. I told him Princess and I were snoozing, and he asked where. I said we were at his place, and that I’d stupidly not eaten anything before leaving. He said he was hungry as well, but that he probably would end up just going to bed without eating. He said he didn’t want to stop anywhere, either, because he had a ton of food at the house. I said I wouldn’t mind cooking something up for us, or ordering something but I didn’t know who would deliver. He told me there were some ribs with mashed potatoes and baked beans in the fridge I could heat up, or I could call something in for him to pick up on his way. I opted to make the ribs, and ended up washing almost all of his dishes for him, too. I was quite enjoying the experience, lol.

Got the dinner going and was just waiting for him to get home. He started sending concerning messages, that he was so exhausted he felt like he could fall asleep driving. I was getting really worried. Earlier, I’d asked if he could stop at Taco Bell and get me a Baja Blast, so when he messaged that they were out and asked if I wanted anything else I was relieved. Finally my own exhaustion took hold again, and I dozed back off on his couch knowing he’d be home any time.

He got home and I cracked my eyes to see him. He joked that I shouldn’t go to sleep while food’s in the oven, and he headed for the shower. Princess and I stayed on the couch. When he was done, he came out to the living room and turned the TV on, which woke me up some more. He sat down on the couch and we both started dozing off together, until finally I mentioned the food and we got up to get our plates. We ate and then I started falling asleep on his couch again. I got up, gave him a kiss and said I was going to bed.

I felt Princess snuggle up under the blankets by my feet, and some time passed before I heard him come in. I was dozing in and out the whole time. He got into bed and snuggled up to me, and held me all night long. I love the feel of his arms around me, I want that every night.

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