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Was able to stay in bed a little longer than I have been lately, so that was nice. Grabbed a latte while the computer booted, then got parked on SL while getting Casey up, dressed, and fed. Dropped him off at Summer Pack, then headed back home.

Got on Aura Kingdom to do the daily stuff there, and then took care of my free book & paid emails.

Had therapy at 10. It went well, I got a lot off my chest with her and she gave me some insight. As much as I complain about how awful he is at communication, she did remind me that I’ve been putting off “the talk” with him for months.

Headed back home and spent a couple hours on a call with Colin. He decided to try and transfer some music from his computer to his Kindle Fire. Well, he was having difficulty, and I knew better than to even try to say anything about anything because he wouldn’t even hear me. He was doing that for over an hour. One of these days, I need to let him know that it annoys me when 1) he goes on about the news (because everything he reads or watches stresses him out) 2) he goes on about the Sims (it’s so bad that it makes me not want to play it) 3) he does anything that causes me to be unable to speak because he won’t hear whatever it is I’m saying.

I ended up reading a bit of a magazine while he was messing with his tablet. But he kept talking about what he was doing, making it hard to focus on what I was reading, so I gave up.

Finally it was time to go pick Casey up. Brought him back home and he got on the toilet. I laid down for a while. I’m just so tired lately, all the time. I’m not usually this tired, and I’m not usually able to nap at all.

Once I got back up, I made some tacos. We don’t always have tacos on Tuesdays, but when we do it’s Taco Tuesday lol.

As I was starting dinner, I got a message from Daniel asking how things are going. Just the simple fact that he finally took time out of his day to talk to ME had me grinning like an idiot, despite being angry with him. I responded with “Alright,” but he logged off and didn’t see it for a couple hours. A while after I saw he’d seen it, I sent a “Thank you for asking. How are you?” but he didn’t respond to that. So, when I was getting ready for bed I said, “Alright. Well, I’m going to bed. I miss you.” He saw it within half an hour but said nothing.

After dinner I got on Blade & Soul for a while. Most of what I did was some Moonlight Bud farming. Then I did a bit of fishing.

Got Casey tucked into bed at a reasonable time, then got back to a bit more fishing on BnS. I wanted to do something with Cyn, though. But she wouldn’t say what she wanted to do and I started getting tired, so I shut everything off and went to bed.

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