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I got up and got some coffee while the computer booted, then waited for Dave to drop Casey off again. We hung around for a little while, then headed out for the day.

We stopped to drop Dave’s rent off (yes, I’m still doing his finances for God only knows what reason) on the way to the OT appointment. The appointment went pretty well, and we further discussed getting Casey tested for Autism or something on the spectrum.

After the appointment, we stopped to drop off my rent check on the way to lunch, then headed back home.

I wasn’t really feeling like doing anything on the computer. I just wanted to sit in my chair and relax. But, Casey was sitting in it. So I decided to go out and purchase a new recliner! That way we’d both be able to be comfortable if I didn’t want to be on the computer. We headed to Slumberland and looked around. I found a couple I was torn between, but the one felt more supportive so I ultimately decided on it. Casey preferred the other one and got upset when I told him we were getting the more supportive one. But, since they only had one in stock of the more squishy one, we wouldn’t have been able to take it home the same day. The one I picked we would be able to take home. So, he pulled himself together and we went and paid for the new recliner. We drove around back and had it loaded into the van, then headed home.

I got a few things moved around so I could make room for the new recliner, then hopped in the shower before daring to relax in it. Casey was playing Super Mario Maker on the 3DS. I sat down in the new recliner and took a bit of a nap until Dave arrived to pick Casey back up. It was getting to me that Casey kept wanting to stay at Dave’s every night.

I got some dinner and eventually made it onto SL. I had a set at 8pm anyway, my first one back at Angels. It was a dead set, but it went ok for the most part.

Just as the set was almost over, I heard from Brad. We made plans for him to come over, and I logged out of the computer and Xbox.

Almost the first words out of his mouth after arriving were to ask me what it was I’d needed to tell him. I froze, and said, “Oh, nothing.” He said he’d thought it was good news about the divorce. I was freaking out inside at the idea of saying it at all, much less like that!

We spent a couple hours hanging out and chatting, then headed to bed. I kept crying while we were having sex, but he didn’t notice. I’d gotten good at hiding it over the years with Dave. The crying part, not the crying during sex part. Brad made a comment about me enjoying his cock too much, and I said I enjoy all of him too much. That was as close as I got to saying the words I so desperately need to say. We went to sleep.

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