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Got up and got my latte while the computer booted, then got parked on SL. Got Casey up, dressed, and fed, and took some pictures for the first day of school.

Dave went with to drop him off. When we were getting out of the car, Daniel pulled up and parked behind us. Dave said that we’d planned it that way and that Daniel was coming over after he went to work.

Dropped Casey off, then on the way back home Dave was going on some more about how Tuesdays and Thursdays must be our thing, when he comes over for us to play.

I ended up sending a message to Daniel, pretty much telling him he was coming over, and what for. His responses were very odd, something about he needed copies of all the Scout paperwork, messages, and calls. And that he needed it to be ready to go so he could get to work. I know he’s trying to be my co-leader and everything, but there’s really no need for both of us to have copies of all the paperwork. I’m good with keeping things organized if I can just get some help with managing the kids and their activities.

Some of his responses seemed more like he was trying for innuendo, but I ended up saying I was leaving innuendo out of Scout stuff. He did end up coming over, and I took my clothes off as soon as we got to my room. He joked, asking if this was how we handle Scout business. I told him I could put my clothes back on if he wanted me to, but he was already taking his clothes off anyway.

Had fun for about an hour, then he had to go to work. His phone was blowing up with coworkers asking where he was. He asked me if Troy, his best friend who I’d matched with on Tinder, knew I lived in Tomah. I guess Troy knew Daniel was in Tomah but that was it.

Once he was gone, I got back to ArcheAge for a bit. Didn’t get a whole lot done, and eventually ended up going to the store for a few things, mostly stuff for Casey’s birthday. Headed back home afterward, and spent a little while talking to Brandon before I had to go pick Casey up.

While I was waiting in my car at the school, I realized I’d forgotten to notify the school that Casey is parent pickup, and not to get on the bus. I rushed into the building to let them know, and they actually ended up walking me to his classroom and I got to see the chaos that is the end of the day. The teacher had to put wrist bands on each child and tell them what bus they’d be getting on if they were a bus rider. I do not envy them for what they have to deal with lol.

Brought Casey back home and had him get on the toilet, which we should have still been doing even though he was on summer break for the past month. While he was doing that, I got a few chores done and then got back to ArcheAge.

Cyn was on, and she followed me around to get some of my Blue Salt Gilda dailies done after I spent quite a bit of time looking at costumes on the Auction House. Not long after we were done with that, it was time to start getting Casey ready for bed. He’d had dinner and I wanted him to start doing his bedtime stuff at 6:30 so it was done. Then I’d be able to focus on the half raid on ArcheAge until 7:30, then leave the raid to read to him and tuck him in.

The raid went much better than it usually does, because one person wasn’t there bitching and moaning the whole time. I wished I could have stayed for the whole raid, but I had to get Casey to bed on time.

Dave ended up going to see Jennifer. I was curious if he’d told her or would tell her about Friday and what she’d think or say.

Casey complained of a tummy ache, which I’m pretty sure was either gas cramps or because he was backed up as usual. Whenever he goes too long without a bowel movement, he gets bad gas cramps. I got a Children’s Pepto for him, so it wouldn’t hurt him too much. I’ll need to make sure he goes potty soon though.

Got back to ArcheAge and joined the Halcy raid, since the quest gives a labor potion as a reward, and you get a lot of honor points just for your participation. Next, Cyn and I got on the Cargo Ship while I munched on some popcorn. We chatted in local with a couple other people, and the one mentioned she would be doing MistMerrow afterward, which is another raid with a boss fight at the end. Cyn and I decided to join that as well. We died, a lot. But, again, just being there got us some pretty decent rewards.

After the pvp portion, I was waiting on the boss to spawn but a lot of other people left for another area. I stayed in the raid, and killed mobs while waiting for the boss, who didn’t seem to be coming. The raid leader asked anyone who was not at Sungold to leave the raid, so I left the raid and continued fighting mobs. I was starting to get tired, but Cyn had asked me about holding a pack for her on a trade run a while before. I hadn’t responded, but I went back home and saw that she was in the area, so I went and found her quick and rode with her. She’d already made the packs, but at least I could accompany her on the trip. Once she delivered her packs, I was ready for bed, so I headed back home and logged out.

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