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Got up and got my latte while getting the computer booted, then parked on SL while getting Casey dressed, and fed. Thankfully he was up before me, so there was no fighting the clock to get him up going for the day.

Dropped him off at school, then headed home and got on ArcheAge to tend the gardens.

Headed to La Crosse for a follow-up with the Ob/Gyn. I could have opted to repeat the endometrial biopsy, but since my symptoms have disappeared (post-miscarriage) I wasn’t as concerned. He said he was fairly certain the collections of fluid were the result of having had an endometrial ablation after a tubal ligation. As long as my symptoms don’t return, I can resume seeing my regular doctor here in Tomah for my female health needs.

After the appointment, I started a shift with DoorDash, since I would be collecting 23,000 points on MyPoints for it. I’d pre-scheduled the shift, so all I had to do was open the app and select the options to indicate I was ready to begin.

I was on the way to McDonald’s and waiting for orders to come in. I grabbed some food, and as I was leaving my first order came in. It was at a Taco Bell, and got delivered to a Motel 6. The guy who answered looked fairly hungover. I had another order after, which was from Wendy’s and heading to a building downtown. I went to the address provided, but the app took me to North instead of South, and I had to go to South. In communicating with the customer, I was able to determine where I needed to go, and made the drop-off. She was very understanding, at least. I didn’t have time to take any more requests, but had made over $16 for the two orders, including tips! The only thing drawback, really, was that it was an hour’s work for DoorDash, while I’d made over $13 for a half hour with Uber Eats. With DoorDash, I had to actually place the orders and wait for them at the restaurants. With Uber Eats they were ready to go, I just had to pick them up. I did not have to pay for the orders for either service, but with DoorDash they give you a “RedCard,” basically a prepaid debit MasterCard. You use that to pay for the orders if necessary, it must either get funded at the time of the customer’s request, or just a set amount gets added to it periodically. Or maybe it’s a credit card, I have no idea. It works, that’s all that really matters.

After the 2nd delivery, I headed back home. I had a little while to relax, and get the dishes dealt with, before going to pick up Casey.

Got Casey from school and brought him back home. He got on the Nintendo right away, and spent the rest of the evening doing that.

Once we’d gotten home, I got on ArcheAge long enough to take care of my afternoon gardening.

I sent Cyn a very heartfelt message. I did start it off by saying I don’t deserve to be treated this way, but by the end of it I was saying she was still my best friend and always would be, and that she was worth fighting for regardless of how anyone else was making her feel. I’d said that I felt like I had to walk on eggshells around her, though, and that seemed to be all she took out of it because she responded saying she wasn’t the only one having to walk on eggshells, and that she was done with me and to have a nice life. I responded saying I knew she wouldn’t have any reason to walk on eggshells around me, and that I was sorry to hear that someone else was making her feel that she needed to. In my original message, I’d also pointed out that I was hurt when I found out she’d confided in Brandon about things that she hadn’t confided in me about. She responded to that saying that the only thing she’d confided in him about was her mom’s verbal abuse, which she had told me about. I told her what Brandon had said and she was like “I know what he said. I also know what you said.” Meaning, Brandon had been sending her screenshots of our conversations. The conversation with Cyn fizzled with things left “done,” and I sent a brief message to Brandon cutting ties there as well.

I spent a short while removing Cyn from all my friend’s list on Discord, Steam, and Xbox. I set myself to Invisible on Discord so that her and Brandon would not be able to see when I was on ArcheAge. Then I got back on ArcheAge to remove her from the Guild (haha she lost ALL her prestige from being kicked out of a Guild!) and remove both of them from my friends list.

Then I decided to see if I could sell the ArcheAge account. The site I found where you could list accounts for sale was being a pain, though. I don’t know, maybe I’m being hasty with it anyway. I did find a tool that you can download, to later upload the account information for sale, so I’ll hang onto that and decide eventually.

Logged off of ArcheAge, and got Casey and I our dinners before hopping in the shower. After my shower, I asked him to get ready for bed, since it was around 7. I wasn’t planning to do the reset raid on ArcheAge. I was depressed and upset about everything that had happened, and didn’t want to be on at the time.

Casey took his vitamin and brushed his teeth, but was still in his school clothes when he came in my room for something 45 minutes after I’d asked him to get ready for bed. I told him he had just a few minutes left, and he got upset saying he’d only been playing the Nintendo for a few minutes. I was like, no, it’s been a few hours. He was being cranky about it but finally got his PJs on and I let him have a few more minutes on the Nintendo anyway. Dave came by my room and said he thinks Casey might be having sensory overload from going back to school, and is using the video games as an escape. Gee, can’t imagine where he gets that habit from! Lol. Hey, we need some way to escape!!

Got Casey read to and tucked in at last, and then got back on ArcheAge to participate in Halcy. I wanted to do that, for the honor and labor rewards, even if I couldn’t face participating in the raids that Cyn and Brandon could possibly be a part of. Once Halcy was done, I took care of a few other tasks, and then logged out again.

I was mousing over Daniel’s name on Facebook, just being nosy, and noticed that it no longer said he was in a relationship with Hannah, just that he was in a relationship. Curiosity got the better of me, and I snooped around on his profile, looking for anything she may have reacted to, because that would be the only way to get to her page. I found a post from several days ago and got to her page, and saw her page lists her as being single. I was over the moon! I shouldn’t be. It shouldn’t matter. I shouldn’t still be so crazy for him! But, I just can’t help it. I don’t love temporarily, as no one should!

I did send him a message, just about being depressed and wishing I could sleep in his arms. And then I ended up going to bed.

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