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Got up and got some coffee while the computer booted, then got parked on SL while getting Casey up, dressed, and fed. Dropped him off at school at the usual time, then headed back home.

Spent some time on ArcheAge doing the gardening before moving on to the logging and mining I felt like doing, then once Colin and I got on our daily call we both went on SL and started taking apart the house we’d been renting for, gosh years at this point. I was getting more and more depressed about it the farther along I got, so eventually I used a tool where I could do it by item name instead of actually looking at what I was either deleting (if a copy) or taking back (if not).

Once we were done with that, I ran to Walmart to get a few things I’d forgotten. Once I was done, I was looking at possibly ordering a calzone to pick up from pizza hut, but also looked to see if they had some there. I found theirs and they were less than half the price, so I picked up two.

Headed back home after paying, and got everything put away while the oven preheated, as well as taking care of the dishes and scooping the litter box.

One thing I’d gotten from Walmart was a set of wireless earbuds with over-the-ear hooks to hold them in place. I had ones just like it, but without the ear hooks, and they drove me nuts because they wouldn’t stay in place. I wouldn’t have even been looking, except the headset I usually use to talk to Colin had stopped charging. I was going to be able to get a warranty replacement, but that would take a while. I needed something to get me through in the meantime, plus it would be nice to have a more comfortable set for using with the computer at night. The new ones from Walmart were fairly inexpensive, but the sound quality was just not there. Something about the Plantronics brand is just unbeatable, so far as I can tell. I told Colin I’d hang onto them until after testing them on Discord with him the next day, since I figured that’s what I’d usually be using them with. It would be nice to have a pair that I could use for both phone and computer, though.

Another thing I got from Walmart was a little strap that goes under the knee cap. It supposedly absorbs shock pretty well and is a life-changer for people with bone-on-bone arthritis. I figured it couldn’t hurt to try it, even though I love my DonJoy brace. I tried on the new strap, but it didn’t seem like it was as supportive as the claims. I could use it in conjunction with some of my alternative (backup) braces, to give added support in the event I needed to use them. It was hella cheap, so I’d hang onto it.

I started looking on the DonJoy site to see if they had any alternative braces. The one I have is ok and has changed my life, but I have always felt that the patella support could be even further improved. I found a WebTech knee brace they had, a smaller one than what I have right now, but it was $70. I looked to see if, by some chance, it was available on Amazon. I found it, and for about half price! I was going through the check-out process, and saw we had $20 rewards as well, bringing my total to only $8.30! I was super excited. It’d be here Thursday.

I’d gotten an email in the morning that The Picture Bible was available for me to borrow from OpenLibrary. I downloaded a plugin for Calibre that DeDRMs things, and then tried to compress the file as much as I could. I was hoping it would finish before I had to go pick up Casey, but it was dragging along and it was time to go.

Got Casey and brought him home, and had him get on the toilet. I got back to work on the Bible. I ended up having to split the PDF into 3 parts before it was small enough to transfer the parts to the kindle. At least it worked! Then I returned the original before trying to open them on the device. It opened just fine! w00t! Really, for just a scanned copy, I shouldn’t have had to go through that much trouble.

Finally, I got back on ArcheAge, only to realize I was late with some of the daily things I’d wanted to do, like collect a memory ember that lets me teleport to my house without using a stone and doing my labor sleep. I took care of that quick, feeling irritated that I’d never get back on schedule with doing those first thing in the mornings.

Once I was done with those, I checked some guild stuff. I’d deliberately held off on planting more cedars because I had someone from the guild interested in buying that property from me. I showed him where to find that farm. I explained that I’d paid 600 for the land and the certificate to be able to sell it without demolishing it was worth 450, but I’d call it 300 for him, making the total price 900. It was a free farm I’d gotten as part of a quest, so there was no loss there. He agreed that it was a fair price and we completed the sale. We were both pleased.

With that out of the way, I worked on wrapping up some dailies before everything reset at 7. As it got close to reset time, I got Casey’s stuff set out for him to get ready for bed. He’d had dinner, and was downstairs watching stuff on the Roku. I let him know when to start getting ready, and proceeded to get into the reset raid.

I’d planned to only participate up until about 7:30, which is when the Crimson Rift is done, but I ended up staying for the whole thing while Casey was getting ready for bed. Then I read to him and tucked him in.

During all that, after Dave got home he tried to get a rise out of me by asking, in a condescending tone, if I was planning to do anything with the balls or toy gun on our porch that was probably scaring people. Ok, one person had been on our porch besides us, a UPS delivery driver. I hoped they were intelligent enough to recognize that it was a toy. I completely ignored Dave, acting like I hadn’t heard a word. A while later, he starts bitching at me for buying an $8 bag of coffee when he’d bought a giant can of the same exact thing. I kept trying to open my mouth and explain that I’d gotten it in the Dells because my dad always drank decaf and I’d forgotten to take regular coffee with me, but he just kept bitching while pacing around in the hall outside my room. Finally I raised my voice and said “I just won’t say anything then!” He finally let me explain it to him, and then he’s like, “so, it’s decaf?” No it’s not decaf you nitwit! I just told you I got it because my DAD usually drinks decaf.

Back on ArcheAge, I went ahead and got ready for Halcy, making sure I had the quest and everything. Did that, and then finished up my gardening and got ready for bed.

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