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I got up a little later than usual since I had already called Casey out of school for the day. I got some coffee while the computer booted, then got started on my free book & paid emails. I was able to get the free book emails done before it was time to take Casey to his doctor’s appointment.

The nurse practitioner who saw Casey said his lungs sounded great, with no sign of bronchitis or pneumonia. They did a flu test just to rule that out, even though I wouldn’t give him Tamiflu even if he did have it. I’ve never taken it for the flu, so why bother?

After the appointment, we went to lunch at El Vallarta. I’d only eaten there once before and had forgotten how good it was. I got a shrimp & crab quesadilla and Casey got his usual bean & cheese taco. He didn’t like how their beans tasted, though, so he just had chips with cheese dip.

When we were done eating, we headed back home. Casey rested the rest of the day and I finished up my paid emails then worked on work.

I had started to make plans with Brian for that evening, but then at 4, I got a message from him that his phone was cut even though he’d paid the bill on Friday. I really didn’t expect that would take very long for him to sort out, but never did hear back from him. My gut says he’s just full of B.S. excuses and doesn’t want to actually meet. Mindi says I should trust my gut, but my gut has been wrong before. So I’m not sure what to do.

I saw in the raider’s Discord server that the leader, Gassy, is going to quit the game because he’s the only one playing and is on all the time. I spoke my mind about that, that he shouldn’t go above and beyond if he doesn’t feel like it and should maybe take a break instead of quitting altogether, especially since he’s only just paid for their new subscription option. He said he hadn’t decided for certain and would consider staying.

Once I’d finished work I spent some time talking to Mindi while also getting Casey ready for bed. I talked with her for a while longer after he was tucked in but then went to bed early myself at around 9.

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