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I don’t really feel like typing this! So it’ll probably be brief.

My day started like any other, with coffee and computer and getting ready for school, dropping him off and doing my emails.

I ended up rearranging some things in my room yet again. At least it keeps improving and not the other way around!! A couple hours after that, I moved a couple more things around, perfecting the setup. It feels a little cramped, having the desk in the corner with storage things on one side, but it gets the job done. It actually opens up the rest of my room, so I think it balances out.

Cyn spent the first part of the day avoiding Astellia even though I wanted to play. I ended up starting a character on Fallout 4 on the Xbox, but then the save failed right as I was exiting the Vault and I had to start over. I continuously saved the game, but at one point noticed I couldn’t and when I checked I saw that the Xbox had disconnected from the internet. I rebooted the modem and router.

After getting Casey home from school, I had him sit on the toilet for a bit while I did some chores. Then, we headed to his Therapy appointment. It went well, I think he actually enjoyed it. When we got home, I got on Astellia but just stood there staring at the screen. I didn’t feel like reading, even though I’d told Cyn that was my plan for the evening to try and persuade her to get on with me in the morning instead of watching a movie that I felt could have waited. I sent her a text saying I wasn’t really feeling like reading, but didn’t hear back from her and figured she’d laid down. When I finally heard from her, it was telling me that she’d done just that. She sleeps too much.

After getting Casey ready for bed and tucked in, I got on Astellia with Cyn and we played for a while. Despite me being in agony from all the rearranging I’d been doing, I’d still been hoping to hear from Brad. But, I hadn’t, so I was glad I’d gotten to play Astellia with Cyn for a bit instead. I finally got to bed around 11:30.

So much for brief.

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