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I got up and got some coffee while the computer booted, then somehow managed to get my free book & paid emails done. The internet was so slow it was unbearable. I ended up calling Charter to see what was going on, and the technician said my modem wasn’t connecting. He gave me a few options for swapping it out, and I opted to go to Onalaska to the store there to do it.

Casey had done his writing but still needed to do reading and math. I had him bring a couple books, and we headed out. We stopped at McDonald’s for lunch to eat on the way to Onalaska. First, we stopped at Charter and got the modem swapped out, then we tried to go to a shoe store but they aren’t open because of the virus. I figured shoes would be considered essential, but apparently not. And yet I, as an essential worker, need shoes for work.

After the shoe store, we headed to a grocery store so I could get my Cafe du Monde Coffee & Chickory. Then we stopped at Walmart in Onalaska to see if they had any face masks. They did not. We got a couple other things, then went to Walgreens. They were out as well. So, we went home. I didn’t think the places would have the masks but wanted to check just in case they did.

I got the new modem installed, but the speeds were still horrendously slow. I called tech support again, and they said the modem was fine so it may be the router. The router was a few years old, so it could have been. I had to get ready for work, so I didn’t have time to look at it more.

Work was ok. When I got there, Brenda said “So we’re not just standing here, let’s clean the cooler doors.” Then she stood there talking to the other coworker while I did all the work. She showed me a few other things, and I was in agony by the time I was done with my shift.

And yet, I still desperately wanted to see Brad despite being angry with him about not expressing any sort of gratitude for my birthday message. But, I hadn’t heard from him and wasn’t planning to text him because of my anger. It’s more frustrating that I still want to see him, but I’m mad at him and so don’t want to text him to even try.

I ended up playing on Black Desert for a while until I was ready for bed.

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