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Brad’s alarm was going off before mine, but mine started up not long after. We stayed in bed snuggled up for a while until he said he needed to get going. He headed downstairs to let Bailey out while I got dressed. I headed downstairs and got ready to head home. He walked me to the door and started to walk me out, making little noises. I turned around and he waved at me. I had some awful morning breath, I didn’t want to expose him to it but then felt bad because he clearly wanted a kiss. I waved back and headed to the van.

Once I got home, I got some coffee and booted up the computer. I got on Black Desert for a while. I took care of my free book & paid emails once they arrived, then got on Minecraft. But that wasn’t striking my fancy either, so I ended up checking out Fallout 76 again. But I just wasn’t in the mood to do stuff alone, so I got back on Black Desert. But there was nothing to do, nobody to talk to. I sent out a message in World chat that I was looking for a guild and got flooded with private messages. I fielded them and settled on a guild, then hung about for a while.

Casey had a therapy telehealth visit in the early afternoon, but he wasn’t cooperating very well at all so we ended it early and decided we’d try a morning appointment next time.

I talked to Cyn for a while, but then she got all weird about my parenting style (ie, choosing not to spank Casey) and we stopped talking.

I sent Brad a text to see how his workday had gone. I was hoping for one of those rare opportunities to see him a second consecutive night since it was my birthday. I never heard back from him.

I got Casey tucked into bed at a new, slightly earlier time because he’d pitched a couple fits in the afternoon about his schoolwork. I got back to Black Desert. I stayed up until a boss fight, then headed to bed. My back was sore anyway from sitting at my desk.

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