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Tuesday started out fine with the usual coffee and computer and all that jazz. Casey flipped his shit over schoolwork again. This is becoming a problem. But by the end of the day, he’d finished it all at least.

I spent a bit of time on both Minecraft and Black Desert throughout the day. Minecraft was first, and I started out by fishing for a while then did a bit of mining and cave exploration. On Black Desert, I kinda just stood around doing nothing. I feel like I need another game, but Neverwinter is the only other one I’m particularly interested in right now and I don’t know anybody on it yet. I suppose I could get on just to hang out and meet people though.

We went to Sparta for a new speech therapist for Casey since he can’t have visits with his current one. It went ok, but he grew weary of her questions for the assessment. Overall it was a success, though.

I went over to Brad’s a while after tucking Casey in. He’d said he wasn’t in a good mood but we hung out. He was playing music videos on YouTube that were making him either cry or get frustrated. We eventually made it to the bedroom, did our thing then went to sleep in each other’s arms.

P.S. It is really awkward not to start the post off with “I got up and…”

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