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Trying to keep it brief…

So, it’s been a while since I’ve updated, primarily because we couldn’t find our wireless router, so I couldn’t use my laptop at home.

We’re still living in my MIL’s basement… and we’re fed up with it! She smokes inside, which I don’t care about because I smoke too, but Dave’s irritated about it… and she’s an alcoholic, and it’s a toxic environment for us. She doesn’t have a job, isn’t making any effort to get one, and drinks 12 to 24 beers a day, starting at no later than 10 or 11 in the morning, and on till she goes to bed. It’s really getting to be too much for us to deal with.

I got a job at Walmart shortly after we moved here, and have been working there since. I started working at Panera about a month or so ago, and have decided to quit Walmart (last day the 7th of November) and go to Panera full time… this will allow me to start doing my Parties here, which I’m really excited about.

Kathie pretty much cleaned out the house when she finally moved out… it was a free-for-all in her eyes. She had let her son drive the Vette… and it wasn’t in the spotless condition we saw it in when we were here for the service in May. She charged over $4,000 on Scott’s credit card after his death… she was living in the house for free basically for months, and come to find out Scott was going to divorce her, she hadn’t been living in the house half the time they were married! We believe that somehow she is responsible for his death, regardless of who pulled the trigger. But, considering she stole what guns were left in the house, I wouldn’t be surprised if she did pull the trigger. He was intoxicated the night of his death, and I’m hoping Dave will finally ask the coroner what the blood alcohol level was from the autopsy. It may have been high enough for him to have been passed out… and that’ll be our ticket to getting Kathie put away for life before she can do this to another family.

I guess that about sums it up… if I had posted all of this when we found out about each thing, I’m sure I could have typed novels on each thing…

I’m gonna go for now, but I wanted to finally get an update out…

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